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Location Bleakrock Isle
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Wind-in-Sails is an Argonian fisherman fortuitously found at the southernmost tip of Bleakrock Isle by Captain Rana and the survivors of Bleakrock Village after fleeing from invading Covenant forces. Captain Rana convinces the reluctant Argonian to provide his services and his boat by offering an acceptable sum of coin. Because of Rana's fears of being intercepted by Covenant forces sailing straight to Davon's Watch, Wind-in-Sails carries the village's survivors to the Dhalmora docks.


When speaking to him on Bleakrock Isle
"Travel down the river is not cheap. It's a good thing your friend here is a fast talker."
When speaking to him at the Dhalmora docks
"I'm so glad I could save all these lives. All these coins as well. These poor innocent coins. I will protect them."