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Dark Orb
Location Depths of Malatar
Species (?)
Health Normal1473488Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
The Dark Orb
The Dark Orb, shattered
Replica of the Dark Orb, showing all the color variants

The Dark Orb is a magical relic found in the Depths of Malatar. It serves as the third boss of the dungeon after King Narilmor traps you in the room with it while the dark orb summons invulnerable Aurorans and additional orbs. The Aurorans will only die after it is shattered, and opens up the doors to the Tabernacle of Light that it was guarding.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngThe Guiding Light: Find the way to an ancient Ayleid city and recover a historical artifact.

Narilmor's commentary[edit]

Throughout the fight, King Narilmor will deliver his commentary of the orbs and aurorans that spawn from them:

"Struggle as you might, you cannot deny the will of Meridia. Her power is infinite."
"Submit to the Lady of Light, and be cleansed." (Summons the Radiant Orb and its Aurorans)
"Blue. The color of calm, measured inevitability, and despair." (Summons the Phosphorescent Orb and its Aurorans)
"Purple. The color of regality, and savage gashes in the night sky." (Summons the Scintillating Orb and its Aurorans)
"Red. The color of fiery passion and boiling blood!" (Summons the Blazing Orb and its Aurorans)
"Your corruption runs deep, but her purity is limitless. You will be cleansed." (When the orb is shattered)


Achievements associated with this enemy:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Color Blind
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths of Malatar Vanquisher
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths of Malatar Conqueror
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Depths Defiler
ON-icon-Question Mark.png The Speed of Light
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Purified


  • The Dark Orb also appeared in Garlas Malatar in Knights of the Nine, where it continually resurrected Aurorans until it was shattered into pieces, stuck frozen in time.
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