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Blazing Auroran
Location Depths of Malatar
Race Auroran Gender Male
Health Normal103144Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
A Blazing Auroran guarding the Dark Orb

A Blazing Auroran is a red Auroran fought during the battle with the Dark Orb in the Depths of Malatar. As with the other Aurorans, it cannot be killed until the Dark Orb is destroyed as it will regenerate its health too quickly. It is the final Auroran to appear, being empowered by their corresponding chromatic orb during the battle, though destroying the related orb will make it weaker.

Blazing Auroran
Location Tabernacle of Light Unyielding, Depths of Malatar
Race Auroran Gender Male
Health Normal48134Veteran(?)
Reaction Hostile
A Blazing Auroran walking to join the Symphony of Blades

During the fight with the Symphony of Blades, a spectral Blazing Auroran will walk across the room from a corner to join the Symphony of Blades in the center. Killing them will prevent this, but if they join the Symphony he will be empowered and gain a red light around one of his arms.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngThe Guiding Light: Find the way to an ancient Ayleid city and recover a historical artifact.

Skills and Abilities[edit]



Achievements associated with this enemy:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Reaping Rainbow
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Color Blind
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Lackluster