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Home City Lilmoth
Location Root-Whisper Village
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Dar-Jasa is an Argonian spear-fisher who can be found in Lilmoth, fishing alongside Nam-Teeus. Occasionally he will speak with his companion. He cannot be directly interacted with.


Once Missing in Murkmire is completed, Dar-Jasa can be overheard telling his friend about some disturbing news he learnt about an acquaintance of theirs.

Dar-Jasa "I just heard. Someone found Danlai dead on the road."
Nam-Teeus: "No. Poor Danlai! What got him? Crocodile?"
Dar-Jasa "Worse. Someone skinned him alive. Left him filleted like a river trout."
Nam-Teeus: "What? Who would do that to a simple fishmonger?"
Dar-Jasa "Who would do that to any Saxhleel? Even the Ghost People wouldn't!"
Nam-Teeus: "You—you don't think the killer has a grievance against anglers?"
Dar-Jasa "Best not to seek fresher waters for a while then. Just in case."

After Whispers in the Woodverify - could be post-A Life in Carvings completion is completed, can overhear that the killings have continued.

Dar-Jasa "Did you hear? About Danlai's killer?"
Nam-Teeus: "I heard whispers of a Skin Taker. Is what they are saying true?"
Dar-Jasa "Yes. At least three now. The Root-Heralds are still reaching out to neighboring tribes."
Nam-Teeus: "This sounds like the work of a monster. Some Oblivion-sent fiend."
Dar-Jasa "Or some sort of swamp-tree monster."
Nam-Teeus: "Why would such a beast skin its prey?"
Dar-Jasa "Vengeance for peeling off tree-bark?"

Once The Skin Taker is tracked down and stopped, Nam-Teeus will tell Dar-Jasa the news:

Dar-Jasa : "I may have chosen the wrong bait."
Nam-Teeus : "You are not the only one."
Dar-Jasa : "What's so funny? You have fared no better."
Nam-Teeus : "You didn't hear? The Skin Taker was caught by a bigger fish."
Dar-Jasa : "Truly? What was it? Daedra? Tree-Beast?"
Nam-Teeus : "Some Blackguard slaver spared by the Root-Heralds. A waste of mercy."
Dar-Jasa : "Blackguards! Is there no depth they are not willing to sink to? One day they will drown!"

If the identity of the Skin Taker was instead someone else, Nam-Teeus will express regret at their death, which will surprise Dar-Jasa.

Dar-Jasa: "You are quiet today."
Nam-Teeus: "My thoughts are muddied by news of the Skin Taker's death."
Dar-Jasa: "I should think those thoughts would be clear. What's not to celebrate about such news?"
Nam-Teeus: "It was a young woman, you know? Too young to carry so much hate and malice."
Dar-Jasa: "She was a Blackgaurd, yes? They are born hateful and cruel."
Nam-Teeus: "No, vengeance is a wheel of wrongs we push together."
Dar-Jasa: "Hmm. The Dead-Water already outfit for war. I hope this bloodshed doesn't spill into Lilmoth …."
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