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Location Khenarthi's Roost
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit

Cartirinque is a spirit, cursed to haunt Khenarthi's Roost after falling victim to cursed books in her quest for knowledge. You may come across her near any one of the books, floating above the ground. She halts you for fear that you will meet the same fate as she did, after she opened one of three cursed books. Upon discovery that you are not susceptible to their call, she requests that you gather and destroy them for her.

She can be found in one of seven locations, all but one nearby to one of the quest's books:

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Dark Knowledge[edit]

When you first encounter Cartirinque at one of several locations, she will try to warn you away.

Cartirinque: "Halt! Come no closer!"

Should you approach her, she warns you again: "Stop! Stay back!"

When you reach her, she will attempt to explain her warnings.

"Heed my words, you endanger more than your life should you approach."
What are you?
"A foolish spirit. My ambition brought me low, but I won't allow it to happen to another.
The book before you bears a terrible curse, as do two others. You can hear it call to you, yes?"
No, I only hear you.
"But how? Are you strong enough to resist their call? Could you bring them to the shrine, and finish what I did not?
Heed my words. The forbidden knowledge within those books isn't for this world. They must be destroyed!"
Tell me what I would need to do.
"The curse upon each tome is designed to feed souls to Oblivion. But if you are able to resist their pull, you can collect the tomes and bring them to the shrine for their destruction."
Where is this shrine?
"On the shores of Khenarthi's Roost, beyond the town of Mistral. It is lit by an ever-burning flame.
Should you collect all the tomes, bring them to the shrine without delay. No matter how strong you believe you are, I fear the tomes are stronger."

When you have gathered the books and taken them to the shrine, Cartirinque will appear again and warn you not to give them to Sahira-daro.

"Don't listen to this fool's words. The forbidden tomes must be destroyed. Place them in the shrine's flame, quickly!"
There's no flame in the shrine.
"What? That isn't possible.
No matter. I'll rekindle the shrine's fire with my own essence, but you must promise to destroy them. You saw what happens to those who possess the tomes!"
Nothing bad has happened to me so far.
"Then that is a blessing. Once the books begin calling to you, there is little time before they ensnare you completely.
Burn the books! Don't let their burden destroy you."

Before you make a choice, you can speak with Cartirinque and ask her some questions.

"The flame is lit! Before I fade forever, you must burn the tomes!"
Sahira-daro said you lied about the danger of the books.
"Don't listen to her! Remember the visions. Remember what happened to those who possessed the tomes!
Burn them now, before it's too late!"
Is this shrine dedicated to Hermaeus Mora?
"Of course! He's the Daedric Prince of forbidden knowledge. These tomes can only be destroyed by his energies."
Did you create the visions I saw?
"I showed you an echo of what happened to the previous seekers, yes. But I did not conjure them from nothing. What you saw was the truth of it!
I beg you … burn the books!"

If you heed her warnings and destroy the books in the shrine's flame, she will be greatly relieved:

"You've done it. The tomes are gone! I can't hear them anymore."
Are you certain?
"I'm certain. But no one else shall fall into their trap.
You managed what I could not. But it is done, which is all that matters."

She will then fade into nothingness, her miserable non-existence ended.

[verification needed — does she say anything if you give the books to Sahira-daro?]