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Trebonius Artorius (trebonius artorius)
(lore page)
Home City Vivec, Foreign Quarter
Location Guild of Mages
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 23 Class Battlemage
Other Information
Health 149 Magicka 196
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) Mages Guild Arch-Mage(Arch-Mage)
Trebonius Artorius

Trebonius Artorius is an Imperial battlemage, and the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild in Vvardenfell. He is generally regarded as somewhat of a joke by the rest of the guild; while he is an outstanding Battlemage, his ability to lead the guild is somewhat lacking. This is even more apparent when one encounters the strange quests he offers (Mystery of the Dwarves and Kill the Telvanni Councilors) as well as a certain quest from Ranis Athrys about a spy in the Mages Guild. He's also the man to see if you've been expelled from the Mages Guild. Talk to him, and he'll state that you need to "reflect on what you have done". Wait about 7-14 days, then he will let you come back into the Mages Guild.

His unique staff has some powerful enchantments on it. He wears an extravagant robe with matching belt and shoes as well as the necromancer's amulet. He also carries a unique potion of Cure Common Disease, five Exclusive Restore Magicka potions, an Exclusive Rising Force potion, and a Cheap Fortify Health potion.

Despite his shortcomings as a leader, Trebonius has a wide array of powerful spells. Aside from his natural charm and ability to absorb Fatigue from others, he knows the following spells: Dire Weary, Great Feather, Second Barrier, Strong Fire Shield, Strong Frost Shield, Strong Shock Shield, Blood Despair, Dire Weakness to Fire, Dire Weakness to Frost, Dire Weakness to Magicka, Dire Weakness to Poison, Dire Weakness to Shock, Drain Blood, Ghost Curse, Toxic Cloud, Wild Distraction, Absorb Endurance, and Absorb Intelligence.


  • Greetings:
    • "Greetings, %PCName. I am Arch-Mage Trebonius, Guildmaster of Vivec."
    • "Yes, I remember you, but do you remember me? I am Arch-Mage Trebonius Artorius and head of the Guild of Mages here in Vvardenfell."
    • "Are you here to challenge my position in the Guild? Do you think you have what it takes to be the Arch-Mage?"
  • Advancement:
    • "Have you come to challenge me for the title of Arch-Mage?"
    • "You have been expelled and you must make amends."
  • Arch-Mage:
    • "I have seen how you lust after the power and prestige that only I have as the Guildmaster here in Vvardenfell. If you truly think that you can take my place, meet me in the Arena for a duel to the death."
      • I will meet you in the Arena. "Very well. Meet me in the Arena here in Vivec. We will settle this once and for all."
    • "Meet me in the Arena."
      • Nevermind. "Then you will always be known as %PCName the %PCRank."
  • credentials:
    • "[Tiram Gadar's Credentials has been added to your inventory.] I'm sure I have them somewhere around here. Ah, yes, here you go, %PCName. A letter from Ocato himself."
    • "I have already given you Tiram Gadar's credentials. They should assure you that he is a Dunmer of the highest character."
  • Disappearance of the Dwarves:
    • "Why, no, %PCRank. You've been expelled, and I really can't trust your scholarship right now."
    • "It's a simple task, surely. Just go to some ruins and... erm... and find out what happened to them. Maybe some people here in the Mages Guild can give you some clues."
    • [Disposition +25.] "Oh? Let me see these books, %PCRank. Oh, yes, of course. This "Egg of Time" is quite obvious... in its... um... descriptions... of the things... that happened. Yes, of course. It is all quite clear to me. I would prefer that you wrote a report that... um... simplified your findings, but I trust that you have indeed solved the mystery."
    • "Well, I'm glad that the mystery is solved at last. Next time the Arch-Mage of Almalexia visits, I'll really have something to brag about."
  • duties:
    • "Yes, of course. You've been expelled. These things take time. I believe that eventually everyone will forget about how you broke our rules."
    • "Hmm... Duties, you say? Yes, there are several things the Mages Guild needs done. Let's see. Hmm... Find out about the disappearance of the Dwarves. Yes, that's an excellent task for you, %PCRank."
    • "What was it I asked you to do? Oh, yes, find out about the disappearance of the Dwarves. Why not talk to Edwinna in our Ald'ruhn branch? The two of you should get along famously."
    • "Yes, you solved our little Dwarven mystery quite easily, I'm sure. Once these recent troubles have passed, I may have more duties for you."
    • "Yes, since you found out about the Dwarves, perhaps you could help with our other little problem: House Telvanni."
  • House Telvanni:
    • "They are the enemy, %PCRank. They oppose everything the Mages Guild stands for."
    • "Yes, House Telvanni simply does not get along well with the Mages Guild. I do not think that we can resolve this conflict peacefully. Therefore, I request that you kill the Councilors of House Telvanni: Master Aryon, Mistress Dratha, Master Gothren, Master Neloth, and Mistress Therana."
    • [Disposition +25. Necromancer's Amulet has been added to your inventory. Trebonius' Staff has been added to your inventory.] "Ah, so all the Telvanni Councilors are dead? That is good news indeed, %PCRank. I've feared for my life working here on this island with all those Telvanni around. Now that they're gone, I don't need this amulet or this staff. They're yours now, %PCRank."
    • "Thanks to you, things will be much more peaceful for the Mages Guild here on Vvardenfell. Perhaps there's hope for the Empire after all."
  • make amends:
    • "Well, of course, %PCName. We value your membership as much as any %PCRank. Reflect on your failures. Time heals all things. In a week or two you will be a %PCRank in good standing. I am certain of it."
    • "It has been a few days since your unfortunate behavior began. But I still believe you will soon be a member in good standing once more. Perhaps in another week."
    • "Yes, any day now the Mages Guild will review all those expelled from the ranks. If your case comes up, I will put in a good word for you."
  • Telvanni spy:
    • "Why, no, %PCName. There are no Telvanni spies here. And I would know if there were. I'm the Archmage [sic] after all. Tiram Gadar, my Dunmer advisor, keeps an eye out for spies and that sort of thing."
    • "Why, no, %PCName. There are no Telvanni spies here. And I would know if there were."
      • Truth; Tiram Gadar is a Telvanni spy. [Disposition -5.] "What?! Frankly, I don't believe you. Tiram Gadar is my most trusted advisor. And I've given you his impeccable credentials. Ranis Athrys might believe such baseless accusations, but I am far more sophisticated." Goodbye
      • Lie; Ranis Athrys is a Telvanni spy. "What? I thought she hated them after what they did to her parents... But I have heard she was trying to intimidate rogue Telvanni to join the Guild. Tiram Gadar mentioned that the Dunmer are quite upset over some of her actions. I will have her expelled immediately."
    • "It seems you found the spy, %PCRank."
  • Tiram Gadar:
    • "You killed him, %PCName. While he was not truly a member of the guild, no one admires your actions."
    • "He's been of immense assistance, %PCName. He helps me see the Dunmer side of every decision I make, and he came with the highest credentials."
  • Peacefully Becoming Arch-Mage
    • "What? You have a letter for me? Well, hand it over."
      • Here it is. "Interesting. This letter says that I am to make you the Arch-Mage and retire. I do not know why Ocato would lose his faith in me, but I will do as he asks. But I will watch over you, %PCName, and make sure you do not betray the high principles of the Mages Guild."
      • Nevermind. "Oh? Well, what do you want, then?"


He has gained a colorful reputation among his fellow guild members, with many of them commenting on his unique activity as guild leader.

  • "Trebonius gave you some duties? Last year he asked me to dig a tunnel to the mainland so the Telvanni couldn't interfere with Imperial trade. I just tell him it's progressing according to schedule." --Malven Romori, Mages Guild Wizard
  • "I don't care what he asked you to do. The best thing for all of us is to ignore that Scuttlehead. Last year he asked me to learn the language of the Silt Striders so we could question them about who they took to different cities." --Sirilonwe, Mages Guild Conjurer
  • "The Guildmaster? Well, he's certainly a powerful Battlemage, but what has he accomplished? I wish the Guild were led by someone who showed more respect for scholarship... Especially with all the interesting things to study here in Vvardenfell." --Edwinna Elbert, Mages Guild Wizard
  • "Ah, the current Guildmaster. It is rumored that he was promoted to his current position to get him out of Cyrodiil. It is one of the weaknesses of the soft-skins. They can have power without wisdom." --Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, Mages Guild Master Wizard
  • "Imperial s'wit. He knows nothing of the Dunmer and even less of politics. When you're speaking with him, just nod your head and smile and then forget everything he said." --Ranis Athrys, Mages Guild Wizard
  • "We get along rather well. He is always willing to listen to my advice." --Tiram Gadar, A Telvanni Agent spying on the Mages Guild
  • "The other day he asked me to build a new Anumidium for Ocato since the original seems to have been destroyed in all those troubles in the Iliac Bay. I don't know what he asked you to do, but my advice is to try and ignore him." --Janand Maulinie, Mages Guild Journeyman
  • "Has he given you any duties? He asked me to chain an army of dreugh to the Foreign Quarter Canton and have it towed to a more reasonable climate. Just between you and me, I don't think he's the best candidate for Arch-mage. I'd take that lizard Skink in Sadrith Mora over Trebonius any day." --Craetia Jullalian, Mages Guild Apprentice
  • "Did he give you any duties? Oh, that's not so bad, I guess. He asked me to make an inventory of all the plates and bottles in Vvardenfell. I'm never going to get in done in time." --Flacassia Fauseius, Mages Guild Apprentice

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  • Trebonius is one of the most prominent NPCs to be affected by the Moving NPCs glitch. In patched versions of the game, a script runs repeatedly to see if he has been affected by this problem. It moves him back to his starting point if he becomes inaccessible.
  • If you ask Trebonius about Arch-mage before your skills or attributes are enough for Arch-mage, and then kill Trebonius in the Arena, you will get a Journal entry saying that you are now the Arch-mage, but you won't actually become Arch-mage. Asking others in the guild about advancement results in them saying that only Trebonius can promote you to Arch-mage. Since he is dead, at this point it becomes impossible to achieve Arch-mage. ?