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Terror Birds, also known as Khrasaat[1] in Ta'agra, are large, carnivorous and flightless birds found in Elsweyr. They are very aggressive towards anyone who approaches them or their territory. Terror Birds have a communal nature when it comes to looking after their young and eggs with pack-like behavior, and will attack anything that comes near the nest without hesitation. Terror Birds are also extremely strong and are seen as a challenge by Khajiit warriors, in which the warriors die almost as often as they win against the beast, they have also been recorded taking down a Senche-Cat. Their diet consists of meat, from animals such as antelope and sometimes men and mer, though the Altmer mistakenly seem to think that a Terror Bird's diet consists of only moon-sugar plants.[1]Terror birds can be corralled into a specific direction by using a campfire and fanning the smoke towards the herd, as they have a fear of fire and will run in the opposite direction if they sense it.[2] They can also be scared off by using a dried gourd with holes in it, with a string attached to it due to the noise it makes, which is compared to a pack of jackals.[3]

Terror Birds' gizzards have been used as waterskins[4], and their beaks can be fashioned into an effective pair of metal shears[5]. Dolls resembling Terror Birds have also been made, though these have a tendency to scare children.[6] Wooden figurines resembling the Terror Bird have also been sold in Anequina.[7] Their meat is described as being "Tough, stringy, greasy, and tasting like used boots". Because of this, some believe that it's not worth the difficult task of hunting one. [8]


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