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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Whiterun
Appears in Skyrim
Rorikstead circa 4E 201

Rorikstead (also known as Rorik's Steading, or Rorikhofkah in the Dragon Language) is a small settlement in the Western Plains of Whiterun Hold.[1] Some variant of the name appears in many old records, with the earliest dated mention of it being in 2E 373,[2] and another text placing it as possibly existing during the Merethic or First Era.[1] The traditional song of Whiterun, "Ragnar the Red", refers to an "ole Rorikstead".[3]

During the Skyrim Schism, Rorikstead and the rest of Whiterun Hold were part of Western Skyrim and owed fealty to the High King based in Solitude. In 2E 561,[UOL 1] the wife and daughter of Falkreath's Jarl Hjurgol Skjoralmor stayed in the town on their journey to High King Svargrim's coronation in Solitude, and were ambushed by a giantess' herd of mammoths shortly after.[4] The twin brothers Roggvir and Fenrig hailed from the town and were called its protectors around 2E 578.[5] Trade was still occurring between Windhelm and Rorikstead circa 2E 582, despite owing allegiances to opposing High Kings.[6]

The land around the settlement was purportedly barren around the time of the Great War. After the war, a local nobleman named Rorik purchased the land. He claims to have founded the settlement, and that it hasn't had a bad crop since.[7] The local farmers make a living by trading their produce to merchants in Whiterun.[8] The dragon Nahagliiv, who was buried in a mound west of the settlement around the time of the Dragon War, was resurrected in 4E 201 by Alduin.[2]


  • Rorik's claim that he founded the settlement is hard to reconcile with the historical record, though it is possible Rorikstead was abandoned and later re-founded. However, this explanation doesn't account for the settlement's name being based on his.
  • The village of Lainalten appears in Arena at the exact same area where Rorikstead is presently located, though it is unclear if they are intended to be the same settlement.

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