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King Narilmor
ON-npc-King Narilmor.jpg
King Narilmor circa 2E 582
Race Ayleid Gender Male
Born 1st Era?
Died 2E 582
Colored Rooms
Resided in Garlas Malatar
Appears in ESO

King Narilmor was the ruler of the Ayleid city of Garlas Malatar. Under his rule, his city was regarded as the beacon of the west within the Ayleid Empire. In life, he was highly devoted to the Daedric Prince Meridia. He converted his city to her veneration, and even went as far as giving up his will to her to become an immortal Purified so that he could serve her for all eternity. Narilmor was considered a favorite of Meridia, second only to Umaril the Unfeathered.[1]


Sometime after the Alessian Slave Rebellion,[2] various Ayleid kingdoms launched a desperate search for the fabled Wrathstone, a weapon that they believed would be their salvation against the encroaching forces of the Alessian Empire. An expedition marched to the Dwemer city of Mzulft, in the hold of Eastmarch in Skyrim, where it was rumored the Wrathstone was held. The Ayleids besieged Mzulft, but failed to breach it or retrieve the artifact.[3] At the time, the Ayleids were unaware that the Dwemer only possessed the left half of the Wrathstone, and that half was stored not at Mzulft, but at nearby Kagrenzel.[3] After the failure of the raid on Mzulft, Meridia appeared to her faithful with a cryptic warning that the Ayleid Empire would soon fall, and entrusted the right half of the Wrathstone to Garlas Malatar and King Narilmor. To keep his piece of the Wrathstone safe,[2] Narilmor denied both aid and asylum to the desperate Ayleid refugees from other kingdoms, and locked them out of his city.[1] The inhabitants of Garlas Malatar were not heard of again. Although Garlas Malatar was eventually besieged by Men, some accounts have suggested that the attackers did not even make it inside Narilmor's city before it collapsed into ruin; it was speculated that the city fell from within, brought down by internal conflict or sabotage.[1]

Around 2E 283,[4] an entire Imperial expedition from Fort Mistwatch was forcibly converted into Meridian Purified when they uncovered the power hidden within Garlas Malatar, serving as unwilling protectors of the Wrathstone.[5] In 2E 582, the treasure hunter Tharayya accompanied by the Undaunted uncovered the horrors that took place in Garlas Malatar. The expedition fought off hordes of the Meridian Purified who attempted to convert them, and encountered King Narilmor, who had by then had guarded the Wrathstone for three thousand years.[6] They slew him but he was then transformed into the Symphony of Blades, an avatar of Meridia's power, in the image of an Auroran suit of armor with four arms and blades. He teleported the Undaunted to the Colored Rooms where he was empowered. It wasn't enough to overpower the expedition, and he was slain. Tharayya successfully retrieved the right half of the Wrathstone as a result.[7][8]

The significance of Narilmor allowed him to be documented as the Symphony of Blades within the Infinite Archive in Apocrypha. There, copies of various entities were subsequently created as maligraphies, creatures composed of vivified ink manifested by stories from books, and serve as mindless extensions of the Daedric Lord Tho'at Replicanum. A maligraphy copy of the Symphony of Blades was formed, which was destroyed by an adventurer or two who were aided by augmentations directly from Hermaeus Mora. The defeated maligraphy of the transformed Narilmor faded into a puddle of ink.[9][10][11]


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