Lore:Frozen Coast

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Frozen Coast
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
The Frozen Coast ca. 2E 582

The Frozen Coast is a large central region of the Northern Coast of Skyrim, bounded by the icy northern waters of the Sea of Ghosts. It is a long stretch of frozen wasteland where the ice never thaws, from which it got its name. The region stretches between the northeast coast of Hjaalmarch and the coast of the Pale.[1] It is anchored between the ancient barrow of High Gate Ruins and the port-town of Dawnstar. The only semblance of civilization between them is camps occupied by anyone from bandits gathering for raids,[2] or staging grounds for Sea Giants.[3]

The Frozen Coast is inhospitable and treacherous, often riddled with shipwrecks and hostile enemies like bandits and wild animals. But despite the lack of habilitation, the region is known to contain snowberry bushes, spiky grass, and samples of nirnroot, but further down south to the main road, there is a light pine forest and a variety of mountain flowers. The port-city of Dawnstar is the only active settlement in the region and their main source of commerce is from the mining operations and their shipping industry. The skin of people that are stranded in the region and enveloped in the deathly temperature will turn pale and blue.[4] Those that are reanimated afterward by necromancy are called the Frost-Cursed.[5] High Gate Ruins was the only other known settlement in the region until it was abandoned after the fall of the Dragon Cult. The ruins are infamous in the region for being haunted and cursed. The ruins were occupied by an ice necromancer named Maxten Favrete, who used powerful magic to create a brutal and unnatural blizzard that wrecked many ships and covered the region in sheets of ice.[6] During the Skyrim Civil War in 4E 201, the Imperial Legion in the Pale was stationed in the Frozen Coast.[7]