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Legends:Knifepoint Hollow

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Meet with Sheogorath's prisoner
Episode: The Descent
Opponent Name: Mazken Turnkey
Opponent Class: Endurance Endurance
Other Characters: Dyus, Luzruh Gro-Shar, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: The Trance
Next Quest: The Warrior

Memories: Knifepoint Hollow[edit]

'Knifepoint Hollow deals with Talym seeking a prisoner of Sheogorath so he may find out how to gain an audience with Sheogorath.


Pregame mission description:

Luzrah Gro-Shar: "Monsters! They must be guarding Sheogorath's prisoner. Be careful in there!?"

After the match:

Dyus: "Ah. You're here. Yes. I knew you'd show up. Dyus of Mytheria knows most things."
Talym: "You're... not what I was expecting. I was looking for a warrior?"
Dyus: "No. You were looking for leverage over Sheogorath. And this old librarian can provide."

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