Isle of Madness

Legends:The Trance

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Face your darkest fears
Episode: The Descent
Opponent Name: Worm Cult, Talym
Opponent Class: WillpowerAgility Monk
Starting Health: 30
Other Characters: Luzrah Gro-Shar, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Circus of Cheerful Slaughter
Reward: None

The Descent: The Trance[edit]

The Trance sees Talym Rend visit the darkest areas hidden away in his mind. His darkest fears is the Worm Cult, and himself.


Before the match:

Luzrah Gro-Shar: "This won't be pleasant. I'm going to play you an ancient song of great power. It will send you inside yourself, to face your darkest fears. If you're not strong enough, you may never come out."
Talym: "Do it. All I have to lose is my mind."

After the Match:

Luzrah Gro-Shar: "You're awake! You shook horribly there for a while. But I kept playing."
Talym: "Thank you. My mind is still... clouded. But I know what I have to do; Force Sheogorath to see me, to tell me the truth about whatever he did to my mind. There must be someone or something that can compel him."
Luzrah Gro-Shar: "I've heard a legend that Sheogorath keeps a powerful warrior trapped in a cave in Knifepoint Hollow. Maybe he's just torturing him, but some believe that he fears him."

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