Isle of Madness

Legends:Gates of Madness (quest)

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Challenge the Gatekeeper.
Episode: The Shivering Isles
Opponent Name: Gatekeeper
Opponent Class: IntelligenceWillpowerEndurance Tribunal Temple
Lanes: Field/Shadow
Starting Health: 30
Special Conditions: Opponent starts with Protector of the Fringe in play; Opponent starts with one Skeleton in each lane. Draw Gateslayer Axe and Deadly Draugr on first turn if Garden of Swords is complete.
Previous Quest: The Fringe
Concurrent Quest: Garden of Swords
Next Quest: New Sheoth Palace
Reward: Playsets of: Squish the Wimpy and Icy Shambles
Gates of Madness
The Gatekeeper

Gates of Madness[edit]

The Gates of Madness is a location in the Shivering Isles in the eponymous episode of the Isle of Madness story. It is one of the first two locations during the episode, along with the Garden of Swords. In order to gain access to Sheogorath, Talym must defeat the Gatekeeper at the Fringe.


Gatekeeper: "(Challenging roar of the Gatekeeper.)"
If Garden of Swords is incomplete
Talym: "That thing looks tough. Not sure I'm prepared for this fight, but here goes nothing…"
If Garden of Swords is complete
Talym: "That thing's huge! Hope the Gardener was right about this axe."
After the match
Cyriel: "You killed it! Fantastic! I've always wanted to see the other side of the gates! Good luck, pal. See you around!"

Opponent's Decklist[edit]

Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability

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Conc: Garden of Swords
Next: New Sheoth Palace