Isle of Madness

Legends:New Sheoth Palace

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Fail to meet Sheogorath
Episode: The Shivering Isles
Other Characters: Haskill
Previous Quest: Gates of Madness
Next Quest: No-Rat Camp, Notehollow, or A Man Divided
Reward: None
New Sheoth Palace

New Sheoth Palace is a minor location in the eponymous location of The Shivering Isles unlocked upon completing of Gates of Madness. It consists of dialogue with Haskill, relaying a message from Sheogorath:

Haskill: "I must beg your pardon, but the Lord Sheogorath will not see you. He said you were, and I quote, 'Boring, boring, boring, boo hoo, my poor son, get over yourself. No wait, get under yourself, that would be funny.'"
Haskill: "I suggest you try to be more entertaining. Perhaps someone needs your heroic services? The Isles are full of exciting ways for a foolhardy adventurer to amuse my lord."

A set of exciting ways for foolhardy adventurers to amuse Sheogorath become available: No-Rat Camp, Notehollow, and A Man Divided.

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