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Help Cyriel
Episode: The Shivering Isles
Opponent Name: Nervous Giant
Opponent Class: StrengthEndurance Warrior
Lanes: Field/Shadow
Starting Health: 30
Special Conditions: Opponent starts with 60 health; Opponent starts with Skeever Phobia in play; Start with 1/1 Skeever in each lane; Start with Skeever Infestation in hand.
Other Characters: Cyriel
Previous Quest: New Sheoth Palace
Concurrent Quest: A Man Divided, Notehollow
Reward: Playset of: Nervous Giant
No-Rat Camp
The Nervous Giant

No-Rat Camp[edit]

No-Rat Camp is a location in the Shivering Isles in the eponymous episode of the Isle of Madness story. It is unlocked upon visiting the New Sheoth Palace. In order to gain access to Sheogorath, Talym must amuse the Daedric Prince of Madness. Upon selecting the match, the warning "The Giant takes extra damage from skeevers." is displayed.


Cyriel: "Help! Help! Hey, mister, please, I need to get out of here!"
Talym: "Well, look who it is. Still have my purse, thief?"
Cyriel: "You're not still mad about that are you? Of course you're not. Look, I'll give it back if you just help me okay? I was robbing this giant camp when these boulders fell and trapped my leg. Please, the giant could be back any minute!"
Talym: "What kind of giant?"
Cyriel: "The big kind! Weird one, too. They say he's afraid of rats. Probably why he calls this 'No-Rat Camp' come to think of it."
Nervous Giant: "(Roars.) I smell elves in my camp! Prepare to die, elves!"
After the match
Talym: "All right, he's running off. You're safe now, thief. Thief? Oh for the love of Vehk, she's run off! Great…"
Talym: "(Sigh.) Well, on the bright side, I'm sure Sheogorath found this highly amusing."

Opponent's Decklist[edit]

Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability
Quantity Attributes Name Type (Subtype) Magicka Power Health Rarity Ability

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