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Intercept the Reachmen Courier's intelligence
Episode: The Betrayal
Opponent Name: Doomfang Courier
Opponent Class: StrengthIntelligence Battlemage
Starting Health: 100
Other Characters: Sheogorath, Talym Rend
Previous Quest: Episode 4 Intro
Next Quest: Bthardamz
Reward: None

The Betrayal: Druadach Pass[edit]

Druadach Pass takes place in Skyrim, near the Dwemer ruin of Bthardamz. In it, a courier is intercepted for their intelligence.


Before the start of the match:

Cyriel: "So what's the plan?"
Talym: "Porcia's whole life is her work. So if she's trying to get intelligence from the Reachmen, so are we. And as luck would have it, I see one of their couriers coming now."

After the Match:

Cyriel: "This letter -- if I'm reading this right, the Reachmen have created a deadly poison gas! They're going to send it into battle on the back of some of those Dwemer machines. Talym, we've got to tell the Imperials about this."
Talym: No, our target is Porcia. We've got to make sure she fails. We'll plant false intelligence, maybe something about a false antidote. I believe I once heard about a sacred flower growing nearby..."
Cyriel: You can't be serious! That entire army could die!"
Talym: "And? We don't have time to find the perfect plan -- Sheogorath saw to that with his little 24-hour whim. And I would sacrifice a hundred armies -- a thousand! -- to save my son. Do you understand me?"
Cyriel: Yeah. I understand. But I won't be a part of it, no matter what Sheogorath promised or threatened. Goodbye, Talym. Here's your stupid coin purse back."

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