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ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Hircine's Bounty.png Hircine's Bounty
Line Werewolf
Line Rank 4 Cost 4590 Magicka
Cast Time Instant Duration
Target Self
Morph ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Hircine's Rage.png Hircine's Rage
Increases your Weapon Damage.
ON-icon-skill-Werewolf-Hircine's Fortitude.png Hircine's Fortitude
Heals for an additional amount over time.
Hircine's Bounty: Invoke the Huntsman's blessing, healing you for [4523 / 4573 / 4622 / 4672] Health.
Hircine's Rage: Invoke the Huntsman's blessing, healing you for [1972 / 4725 / 4776 / 4827] Health and increasing your Weapon Damage by 10% for [17 / 18 / 19 / 20] seconds.
Hircine's Fortitude: Invoke the Huntsman's blessing, healing you for [1972 / 4725 / 4776 / 4827] Health and an additional [888 / 1777 / 1798 / 1819] Health over 8 seconds.

Hircine's Bounty lets you howl to restore your Health. Other than potions and Devouring corpses (or healing from allies), it is your only source of healing in Werewolf form unless you get the Claws of Life morph from Infectious Claws, which is not available until you reach Level 9 in the skill line, so this is an important skill to pick up early on. You can morph it to Hircine's Fortitude to increase the healing done, or choose Hircine's Rage to increase your Weapon Damage at the same time.