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Characters undergoing Blood Ritual
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ON-icon-skill-Vampire-Blood Ritual.pngON-icon-PassiveFrame.png Blood Ritual
Line Vampire
Skill Rank Line Rank
Rank I ON-icon-skill-Add.pngON-icon-skill-Numeral1.png 6
Blood Ritual: Allows you to infect another player with Noxiphilic Sanguivoria once every 7 days by returning to the Vampire ritual site. Players already infected with Lycanthropy cannot be infected with Noxiphilic Sanguivoria.

Blood Ritual lets you infect another player with Vampirism once per week. While you may perform the ritual at any of the three Vampire ritual sites in Aldmeri Dominion Reaper's March (map) Daggerfall Covenant Bangkorai (map) Ebonheart Pact The Rift (map), the person receiving the bite must be at the site for their home alliance in order to proceed with the quest.