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This article is about the skill line. For the House of Reveries member, see Alchemy (person).

Creating potions in ESO involves combining 1 solvent with 2-3 reagents at the alchemy table.

Alchemy is a crafting profession in Elder Scrolls Online. You can use it to create many types of potions and poisons. You must be at an alchemist's lab in order to create any items. In general, potions provide you with a quick boost to Health, Stamina, Magicka, as well as other beneficial effects. Poisons were introduced in Update 10 and can be applied to your weapon, nullifying any enchantments but providing powerful additional effects.

Alchemy works similarly to previous games in the series, in that you do not need to find alchemy recipes before attempting to make potions. You are also able to eat potion ingredients to discover their first effect. Otherwise, you can try putting multiple ingredients with unknown effects together to learn their properties.

Making potions has been refined since Skyrim, and now requires two or three reagents plus a solvent. Using a more powerful solvent boosts the power of your potion. A water-based solvent creates a potion that you can drink to receive its effects, while an oil-based solvent creates poisons which can be applied to your weapons to cause negative effects on your enemies. While potions can be crafted in batches of 1-4, poisons are created in batches of 4-16 samples (depending on your Chemistry passive).

In general, you want to avoid negative effects when making potions, as these will only have undesirable effects. The Snakeblood passive mitigates these effects, but it's better to simply avoid them in the first place whenever possible. In poisons, all effects can be useful - negative effects will harm or debilitate your targets while positive ones will do the same to a lesser degree but also benefit you. Poison can be applied to any weapon, including Staves. Using a poison on a weapon will override its Enchantment until the poison has been depleted. Each strike has a 20% chance of triggering the poison's effect, reducing the poison charge on the weapon by one when it does so.

In addition to potions and poisons, the Alchemy skill allows you to craft furnishings for your home.


The Alchemy skill line is granted the first time you activate an alchemy station. You can increase your skill by crafting potions and poisons, learning all of the various effects for every reagent, and by completing Alchemist Writs or Master Writs. In addition, you can earn free levels in the skill line by reading Skill Books, which may be found randomly on bookshelves anywhere. The skill books which increase Alchemy are:

Alchemist Dialogue[edit]

You can learn about this profession by speaking with some of the alchemists.

"How does alchemy work exactly?"
"Alchemy is the art of creating potions. We scour the fields and caves of Tamriel in search of reagents like mushrooms, flowers, and the like. Mixing these ingredients with a water solvent in the correct quantities can create powerful elixirs."
Plants and water? That's it?
"Well, not just any water will do. You'll find that some pools of water contain special qualities that make them ideal for potion-making. The grade of the water determines the potency of the product."
Does it matter what reagents I use?
"All reagents have hidden properties. When they are combined with other ingredients that bestow the same benefits, the potency is compounded. This reaction determines the nature of the potion. It's just a matter of experimentation, you see?"

Skill Perks[edit]

Alchemy has an associated skill line that is revealed through use of the Alchemy profession. Abilities are listed below.

Passive Abilities[edit]

Passive abilities are active all the time, and affect the outcome of Alchemy related activities.

Name Line Rank Skill Rank Description
ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Solvent Proficiency.png Solvent Proficiency 1 1 free Allows the Alchemist to use Natural Water and Grease to make Level 3 potions and poisons and Clear Water and Ichor to make Level 10 potions and poisons.
10 2 Allows the Alchemist to use Pristine Water and Slime to make Level 20 potions and poisons.
20 3 Allows the Alchemist to use Cleansed Water and Gall to make Level 30 potions and poisons.
30 4 Allows the Alchemist to use Filtered Water and Terebinthine to make Level 40 potions and poisons.
40 5 Allows the Alchemist to use Purified Water and Pitch-Bile to make Champion 10 potions and poisons.
48 6 Allows the Alchemist to use Cloud Mist and Tarblack to make Champion 50 potions and poisons.
49 7 Allows the Alchemist to use Star Dew and Night-Oil to make Champion 100 potions and poisons.
50 8 Allows the Alchemist to use Lorkhan's Tears and Alkahest to make Champion 150 potions and poisons.
ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Keen Eye.png Keen Eye: Reagents 2 1 Herbs and fungi in the world will be easier to see when you are 20 meters or closer.
6 2 Herbs and fungi in the world will be easier to see when you are 30 meters or closer.
17 3 Herbs and fungi in the world will be easier to see when you are 40 meters or closer.
ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Medicinal Use.png Medicinal Use 8 1 When using potions, resulting effects last 10% longer.
35 2 When using potions, resulting effects last 20% longer.
50 3 When using potions, resulting effects last 30% longer.
ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Chemistry.png Chemistry 12 1 Produces 1 extra potion or 4 extra poisons per crafting attempt.
25 2 Produces 2 extra potions or 8 extra poisons per crafting attempt.
47 3 Produces 3 extra potions or 12 extra poisons per crafting attempt.
ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Laboratory Use.png Laboratory Use 15 1 Allows the use of up to 3 reagents while mixing Potions or Poisons.
ON-icon-skill-Alchemy-Snakeblood.png Snakeblood 23 1 Reduces duration of negative effects in potions by 50% when consumed.
33 2 Reduces duration of negative effects in potions by 80% when consumed.
43 3 Reduces duration of negative effects in potions by 100% when consumed.

Skill points[edit]

The table below shows the amount of skill points required in order to max out the Alchemy skill line.

Order Progression Skill points required
1 Solvent Proficiency 7
2 Keen Eye: Reagents 3
3 Medicinal Use 3
4 Chemistry 3
5 Laboratory Use 1
6 Snakeblood 3
Totals: All 20


Two Reagents[edit]

In ESO, two reagents with the same effect need to be combined in order to craft a potion. Be aware that when crafting potions, some combinations will provide a not always beneficial side effect. The Snakeblood passive will reduce (or with 3 points even eliminate) the negative side-effects, but it's better to simply avoid them if possible. All effects in poisons are negative, so there's no need to worry about unintended side-effects with poisons, though poisons with multiple effects will have the duration of all effects reduced. Remember that you have to also provide a solvent, which influences the strength, but not the effect, of a potion. As of Update 18, there are 151 two-reagent combinations.

Three Reagents[edit]

Learning the Ability Laboratory Use enables you to use of up to three reagents. This opens the door to a large variety of multi-effect potions since each effect has to be present only two times within the reagents chosen in order to be applied to a potion. Listing all possible formulae for potions with three reagents would be rather pointless (there are 2302 such formulae as of Update 18) - those interested can use ESO Alchemy Calculator. To use three reagents to their full potential, you also need to understand how opposing effects work. See the Laboratory Use page for more details.

187 of the three-reagent formulae produce three effects (the primary one, which gives name to the resulting potion, and two secondaries). These formulae are listed below.

119 of the three-reagent formulae have the same effect on all three of the reagents. These are known as triple-effect formulae. The effect lasts longer than normally. The list of these formulae is provided below.

See Also[edit]

UESP's ESO Alchemy calculator


There are a number of achievements associated with Alchemy.

Achievement Points Description Reward
ON-icon-achievement-Master Alchemist.png Master Alchemist 50 Attain an Alchemy rank of 50. Alchemist BiliousAlchemist Bilious
Alchemist's Sign (page) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-food-Sweet Tea.png Botanist 50 Learn every trait for each of the Alchemy reagents listed below. Nirnroot GrayNirnroot Gray
ON-icon-reagent-Blessed Thistle.png Blessed Thistle 5 Learn all the Traits for the Blessed Thistle Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Blue Entoloma.png Blue Entoloma 5 Learn all the Traits for the Blue Entoloma Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Bugloss.png Bugloss 5 Learn all the Traits for the Bugloss Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Columbine.png Columbine 5 Learn all the Traits for the Columbine Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Corn Flower.png Corn Flower 5 Learn all the Traits for the Corn Flower Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Dragonthorn.png Dragonthorn 5 Learn all the Traits for the Dragonthorn Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Emetic Russula.png Emetic Russula 5 Learn all the Traits for the Emetic Russula Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Imp Stool.png Imp Stool 5 Learn all the Traits for the Imp Stool Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Lady's Smock.png Lady's Smock 5 Learn all the Traits for the Lady's Smock Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Luminous Russula.png Luminous Russula 5 Learn all the Traits for the Luminous Russula Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Mountain Flower.png Mountain Flower 5 Learn all the Traits for the Mountain Flower Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Namira's Rot.png Namira's Rot 5 Learn all the Traits for the Namira's Rot Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Nirnroot.png Nirnroot 5 Learn all the Traits for the Nirnroot Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Stinkhorn.png Stinkhorn 5 Learn all the Traits for the Stinkhorn Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Violet Coprinus.png Violet Coprinus 5 Learn all the Traits for the Violet Coprinus Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Water Hyacinth.png Water Hyacinth 5 Learn all the Traits for the Water Hyacinth Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-White Cap.png White Cap 5 Learn all the Traits for the White Cap Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-reagent-Wormwood.png Wormwood 5 Learn all the Traits for the Wormwood Alchemy Plant.
ON-icon-achievement-Toxicologist.png Toxicologist 50 Learn every trait for each of the Alchemy reagents listed below. Viridian VenomViridian Venom
Poison Satchel (page) (000050005,000 Gold)
ON-icon-reagent-Beetle Scuttle.png Beetle Scuttle 5 Learn all the Traits for the Beetle Scuttle Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Butterfly Wing.png Butterfly Wing 5 Learn all the Traits for the Butterfly Wing Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Fleshfly Larva.png Fleshfly Larva 5 Learn all the Traits for the Fleshfly Larva Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Mudcrab Chitin.png Mudcrab Chitin 5 Learn all the Traits for the Mudcrab Chitin Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Nightshade.png Nightshade 5 Learn all the Traits for the Nightshade Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Scrib Jelly.png Scrib Jelly 5 Learn all the Traits for the Scrib Jelly Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Spider Egg.png Spider Egg 5 Learn all the Traits for the Spider Egg Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-reagent-Torchbug Thorax.png Torchbug Thorax 5 Learn all the Traits for the Torchbug Thorax Alchemy reagent.
ON-icon-achievement-Resin Harvester.png Resin Harvester 5 Harvest your first unit of Alchemical Resin.
ON-icon-achievement-Expert Resin Harvester.png Expert Resin Harvester 10 Harvest 25 units of Alchemical Resin.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Resin Harvester.png Master Resin Harvester 15 Harvest 100 units of Alchemical Resin.
ON-icon-achievement-Novice Alchemy Furnisher.png Novice Alchemy Furnisher 5 Learn your first Alchemy Formula.
ON-icon-achievement-Expert Alchemy Furnisher.png Expert Alchemy Furnisher 15 Learn 10 Alchemy Formulas.
ON-icon-achievement-Master Alchemy Furnisher.png Master Alchemy Furnisher 50 Learn 25 Alchemy Formulas.


  • Potions with identical names and effects, but created using different ingredients, will not combine into one stack in your inventory ?
    • Selling one of these variants to an NPC vendor and then buying them back will cause them to automatically combine in your inventory.