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ON-icon-food-Sweet Tea.png Botanist
ON-icon-achievement-Toxicologist.png Toxicologist
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 50 each
Needed for Grand Master Crafter
Dye Nirnroot Gray
Viridian Venom
Furnishing(s) Poison Satchel (000050005,000 Gold)
Learn every trait for each of the Alchemy reagents listed below.

Botanist and Toxicologist are awarded for learning all of the traits for every Alchemy reagent. Botanist applies to the 18 ingredients that existed at the game's release, while Toxicologist applies to the 8 ingredients added in Update 10. The lists appear on the sidebar. To learn an alchemy trait, you must create a potion which displays that trait. This will occur if two (or three with Laboratory Use) reagents share a common trait, and no ingredient has its opposite trait (only an issue with three reagents). You can also always learn the first trait of any reagent simply by eating it straight, which can save you having to use another ingredient to discover this trait. It is also possible to learn some alchemy traits by reading books, which saves you having to waste any reagents, but these are somewhat rare. The Toxicologist achievement will allow you to purchase a Poison Satchel for your home. It costs 000050005,000 Gold and can be purchased from any alchemist.

Note that only Botanist is required for Grand Master Crafter. Toxicologist is optional.

This is a strategy for learning all traits with just 40 potions.

Required (effect on only 2 reagents)
Two Traits Shared
One Trait Shared
Eat for First Trait

With Laboratory Use, you can do this in as few as 25 potions: