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Close enough =)
Home City Balmora
Race High Elf Soul Light
Level 40 Gender Male
Class Mage House Telvanni
Other Information
Health 274 Magicka 504
Factions All


About Me[edit]

After my friend showed me a taste of the excitement, a craved my own copy. As a result, in 2003 I bought Xbox specifically to play Morrowind and purchased the GOTY version.

Following frequent visits and beneficial assistance, I joined the site in 2008. I have enjoyed playing Morrowind for countless hours and have developed 3 unique characters. First was Moradin an imperial warrior, second was Fharlanghn a wood elf thief and lasty Hyrenaqil a high elf mage.

Later on PC I played as a Redgaurd named Heironeous and a Nord named Alric.


I normally play as balanced, specific class characters, like warriors, marksmen and mages, with a certain mastered skill.

Favourite Locations[edit]

My favourite home is the Saren Manor in Vivec Redoran Plaza because of its roomy corridors and massive storage. It is also conviently in the heart of the largest city . Although my home currently is the Hlaalu Manor in Balmora, with Hyrenaqil. I frequently recall back here for the good storage, and the quick access to the Mages Guild.

My favourite 'vacation area' within the game is the island west of Khuul. This location includes a waterfall, a pilgrim lantern and a bedroll. The waterfall is unique and possibly the only one on Vvardenfell.

Favourite Created Spells[edit]

Titans Step
Jump Jump 100 pts,
Slowfall Slowfall 1 pt 20 secs

-Allows one to travel great distances quickly.

Chameleon Chameleon 100 pts 2 secs,
Fortify Skill Fortify Skill Sneak 100 pts 2 secs,
Fortify Skill Fortify Skill Security 100 pts 2 secs

-Allows one to steal/pickpocket even in plain sight.

Self Feats[edit]

  • Commanded the talking mudcrab merchant from Mzahnch to Balmora via waterwalking and fortify speed on target.
  • Collected every rare item including clutter (golden eggs, cursed coins, muffin etc.)
  • Collected ALL Daedric items
  • Duplicated stages of artifacts ie. having Goldbrand and Eltonbrand and all Trueflame pieces, via constant effect bound glitch.


Mainly minor edits on Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon.

Contributed greatly to the Tribunal Base Weapons page. Major additions of the significant Ebony Scimitar and Goblin Weapons, as well as the best storage house the game offers: the Saren Manor.

I began contributing Book Statistics but after a few days someone beat me to it.


About Me[edit]

After exhausting Morrowind on Xbox and PC it was time for Oblivion. Through experience with both games, Oblivion is more favourable. Nevertheless Morrowind will never be forgotten; we had some good times.


I am currently playing two games, both characters are imperials and resemble a warrior class. One is named Alric the other Patroklos.

Favourite Locations[edit]

My home is the Benirus Manor in Anvil, unintentionally near the best (and my favourite) smithy at the Morvayn's Peacemakers.

My favourite location outside of home is Dive Rock, not because of it being a popular Adoring fan kill site, but because of the Uderfyrkte quest tying in with Bloodmoon.

Favourite Created Spells[edit]

None yet.

Self Feats[edit]

  • Collected all the Guard uniforms without killing.