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MW-icon-effect-Jump.jpg Jump
School Alteration
Type Defensive
Base Cost 3.0
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Built-In Potions
Magic Apparel

Jump M points for D seconds

Increases the maximum jumping height of the subject, where the maximum height of a character's jump is multiplied by the magnitude of the jump effect.


  • This does not increase the height from which you can fall without taking damage. Thus it is possible when creating powerful Jump effects to make it so that you can jump high enough to take damage upon landing even if you land at the same height you jumped from. The most obvious way to prevent this is through the use of a Slowfall spell, but you can also use a Fortify Acrobatics or a Fortify Agility spell, or prevent the damage altogether by casting a short duration Levitate spell immediately before landing.
  • NPCs and creatures typically do not jump under any circumstances; there is no benefit to casting this spell on anyone but yourself.
  • Jump 1 is useless, since it multiplies height by 1, but the effect of jump grows very quickly as magnitude increases.
  • A mage or a character with sufficient stats can create a spell with a high Jump magnitude and jump immediately after casting to launch themselves a tremendous distance, coupled with a low magnitude Slowfall spell cast at the right time or combined in a custom spell (one point Slowfall negates all fall damage without affecting the jump spell), this can be used to travel across the map even more efficiently than fast-travel. Starting from level 14 enchanters start randomly stocking extremely cheap and infinite Hoptoad Rings, activating multiple copies in succession will yield the equivalent of a high powered Jump spell for no Magicka cost.

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