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My Elder Scrolls collection as of 5/2018

Hello! I'm a 27-year-old programmer who discovered the Elder Scrolls series in June 2012. It was completely on a whim, really; it was 50% off at the store on the day I bought my college laptop, and all I knew was that Skyrim was some sort of fantasy RPG and that it was "really good". I never would have guessed what I was getting into.

So, as far as my journey to UESP, after Googling for help on quests, I found UESP in many of my searches, and eventually determined that it was the best wiki. I discovered the UESP forum in October 2012, started really contributing to the wiki more once Dragonborn came out, joined the forum moderating team in May 2013, and became an autopatrolled user in anticipation of ESO's release in 2014. I also gained access to the UESP Facebook page in August 2014 and currently co-run it, have access to the Twitter and Youtube and post occasionally, and am also an admin on the UESP blog and write for it from time to time.

I'm still working my way through the ES series. I also am a collector of ES merch, as you can see by the picture on this page.

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My Wiki Projects[edit]

Completed major projects[edit]

In Progress:[edit]

  • Finishing up work for the two novels by Greg Keyes after overhauling the pages, adding content from the second book, and moving the pages to a less generic name
  • Constant project: Elder Scrolls Online - adding info and images. I do a lot on the pets, mounts, and other Collectibles pages, as well as creatures and NPCs.
  • Constant project: Legends - Need to play through Clockwork City.

My Sandboxes:[edit]

  • Sandbox 1 - used to save some notes
  • Sandbox 2 - currently working on a page for differences between Skyrim and ESO
  • Sandbox 3 - used to save some formatting
  • Sandbox 4 - used for keeping track of new ESO NPCs in between updates
  • Sandbox 5 - drafting potential page
  • Sandbox 6 - drafting potential page
  • Sandbox 7 - drafting potential page


About Me[edit]

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My ES Characters[edit]

Elder Scrolls Online

  • Elanwe - My main character, an Altmer DPS stamplar in the Aldmeri Dominion who uses a bow and dual-wields daggers. Amusingly, there happens to be two quest NPCs that share the name, which I didn't know about at the time.
  • Kirweneth - Bosmer DPS magicka warden in the Aldmeri dominion.
  • Tajeetha - An Argonian dragonknight magicka(?) tank in the Ebonheart Pact. Based on a similar character I used in the beta.
  • Aijhirri - A Khajiit DPS stamina nightblade in the Aldmeri Dominion. Loosely based on a similar character I used in the beta.
  • Niralie - Altmer magplar healer in the Aldmeri Dominion. Based on my character in the RP "Tamrielic Adventures 2" on the UESP forum.


  • Alarra - an Altmer. Mostly uses a one-handed sword, bow, and magic. She joined the Imperials and the Dawnguard. Completed basically everything with her. I chose my username based on her: when creating her I wasn't aware of Altmer naming conventions but thought it sounded like a good elven name (and it pretty much fits as an Altmer name).
  • Ganvar - a Nord warrior who mainly dual-wields one-handed axes. Designed him to do the opposite side of the questlines and collect the achievements I missed (Vampire lord and Oblivion walker.)
  • Varilanya - Altmer mage who tries to rely on magic, only using sword and sometimes shield when absolutely needed. She's on my Nintendo Switch copy of the game.


  • Brielle - a Breton spellsword. Completed most faction questlines, still have some Daedric quests, the main questline, Knights of the Nine, and Shivering Isles to go.


  • Feryn Sarethi - a Dunmer. I've only played around 8 hours with her so far and can't remember her skills right now.


  • Daeranel - a Bosmer. She uses a bow and either a shortsword or a dagger, I can't remember.