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This article is about the Ayleid spirit in Malabal Tor. For the Altmer on Auridon, see Lady Elanwe.

Location Belarata
Race Ayleid Gender Female
Health 127,470 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Neutral Class Time Bomb Mage
Other Information
Condition Spirit

Elanwe is an Ayleid spirit who was known as the "Lady of the Weald". In death, she waits in Belarata for her long-lost love, Varondil. She initially mistakes Jurak-dar for him, giving him gifts and trying to keep him from leaving, due to the fact that he carries Varondil's sword. Varondil himself will reveal that he and Elanwe were together for nine years before he died fighting in an uprising; she summoned his spirit, but didn't realize it was him, and has been waiting ever since. She will recognize him when he brings his sword to her himself, however, and at last her spirit can be put to rest. Alternatively, you can fight her to banish her from the ruins.

Location Belarata
Race Ayleid Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit

She becomes friendly after solving the poem puzzle to remove the barrier.

Related Quests[edit]


When Jurak-dar approaches her:

Jurak-dar: "I have returned, my love!"
Elanwe: "My love? I cannot... your sword! Where is..."
Jurak-dar: "You are tired! Let me come closer!"
Elanwe: "You are not Varondil! Get back!"
Jurak-dar: "Augh!"

<Jurak-dar is stunned by the barrier.>

If you give Varondil the sword, he thanks you and approaches the spirit of Elanwe.

Varondil: "Elanwe, at long last I return."
Elanwe: "Varondil? You have been gone only a day. It feels like an age."
Varondil: "Each day is an age."
Elanwe: "Yes, true, but you…where have you been?"
Varondil: "It is a long story, but come! Aetherius awaits!"
Elanwe: "Yes, together forever, as was always meant to be."
Varondil: "So long, my friend, and thank you. For everything!"

<The couple pass to Aetherius.>


  • Elanwe's Grave is a miscellaneous location in Blades.
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