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Ra'Tesh (ra'tesh)
Home City Mournhold
Store The Winged Guar
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Level 25 Class Trader Service
Gold 800 Mercantile Expert (54)
Other Information
Health 186 Magicka 156
Alarm 100 Fight 0

Ra'Tesh is a Khajiit trader and the barman at The Winged Guar, who seems to be fond of Karrod, a loyal customer of his bar. Ra'Tesh has 800 gold, and will buy and sell ingredients and potions.

Like all Khajiit, he can see well in the dark and can demoralize others for short periods. Aside from that, he knows Reflect, Weak Spelldrinker, Absorb Personality, Absorb Agility, and Absorb Intelligence.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Bouncer: Fill in for a missing bouncer for Hession in the Winged Guar.
  • Helseth's Champion: Prove your worth to King Helseth by dueling his personal bodyguard.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Helseth's Champion[edit]

Ra'Tesh can be convinced to send one of his girls over to Karrod to tire him out before the battle:

"Mmmm…the big Redguard. Ra'Tesh serves the brawny man his brandy almost every night. Ra'Tesh hears you are to duel him tomorrow. Ra'Tesh is sorry he will be losing a new customer."
losing a new customer
"Why you, of course! Karrod cannot lose…although you look a bit dangerous to Ra'Tesh. Ra'Tesh would not like to see lovely Karrod disfigured in any way! Ra'Tesh would hate to see that! If you promise not to mar the lovely Karrod, Ra'Tesh will help you in the duel. What do you say?"
I will do my best not to harm him.
"Excellent. Ra'Tesh will have one of his barmaids occupy Karrod for the evening. He will be very tired when it comes time for the duel. Fight well, but don't hurt the face! Not the lovely, lovely face. Ra'Tesh would miss seeing beautiful Karrod."
I can promise nothing.
"Ra'Tesh thinks you are a bad person, and hopes Karrod beats you severely."

If spoken to again after promising to not harm Karrod:

"Ra'Tesh hopes all will be well with the customers he likes."

After the battle with Karrod if you stopped when Karrod yields:

"Rumor says you were able to best Karrod. Ra'Tesh has heard he was not badly damaged. This is a good thing."

If you kill Karrod:

"Ra'Tesh knows the beautiful Karrod is dead. Ra'Tesh thinks you had something to do with it. You are a very bad person."


"How can Ra'Tesh help you?"


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
Item Qty
Saltrice -5
Wickwheat -5
Scrib Jerky -5
Hound Meat -5
Crab Meat -5
Bread -5
Ash Yam -5
Item Qty
Cyrodiilic Brandy -5
Flin -5
Greef -5
Shein -5