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Crafted from Adamantium Ore, Adamantium Armor adds some much needed variety to the Medium Armor selection. It is inferior to Indoril Armor in terms of defense (except for the helm, and the greaves since there are no Indoril Greaves), and is a bit less durable. Adamantium makes up for this by being much more enchantable and more valuable; it also will not anger Ordinators when you wear it.

The easiest way to obtain a complete set of Adamantium Armor is by installing the official Adamantium Armor plugin, in which case several vendors on Vvardenfell have sets of armor available for purchase. The only missing piece in this case is the helm, but that can be obtained from the Helm of Tohan plugin (and that helm is better than the stock Tribunal ones, having a higher enchantability). Even with all the official plugins installed, there is no Adamantium shield.

Otherwise, obtaining a complete set is likely to require killing Apelles Matius or Yagak gro-Gluk. Yagak is necessary for the Tribunal main quest, so this is not a good idea. Apelles' part in that quest is completed before you actually enter the city, but he is surrounded by friends in the Imperial Legion in Ebonheart, so attempting to get the armor from him could be a bloody affair unless you can Taunt or Frenzy him into attacking you.

Without killing Apelles or Yagak, or using the plugin that makes the armor buyable, all pieces of armor except the Adamantium Greaves and Pauldrons can be found in various locations under the city, as detailed below. The greaves and pauldrons can be custom-made, but doing so requires twenty pieces of Adamantium Ore, even though you will typically only mine about a dozen pieces of ore. See below for tips.


Name ID Weight Health Value Armor Rating Enchant
Adamantium Helm Adamantium Helm * adamantium_helm
4.0 900 5,000 70 50
Adamantium Cuirass Adamantium Cuirass adamantium_cuirass 25.0 900 10,000 40 30
Adamantium Pauldron Adamantium Left Pauldron
Adamantium Right Pauldron
7.0 400 800 40 3
10 ***
Adamantium Greaves Adamantium Greaves adamantium_greaves 13.0 400 10,000 40 3
Adamantium Boots Adamantium Boots adamantium boots 15.0 400 7,000 40 10
Adamantium Bracer Adamantium Left Bracer
Adamantium Right Bracer
4.0 200 1,000 40 10
Totals 79.0 3,800 35,600 143 126
Adamantium armor, male
Adamantium armor, female

* Can be worn by beast races, and is the best Medium-class helm available in the game, including all official expansions and plugins. The Helm of Tohan plugin's quest reward is an Adamantium Helm with the same stats except an increased enchantability (it is the most enchantable helm in the game).
** The one-d Adamantium Helm is what Bols Indalen will make for you. The two-d Adamantium Helm is the one found in the sewers. Other than the typo in the ID, they are identical.
*** The Adamantium Right Pauldron has an Enchant value of 10 – the highest enchantability for any Medium-class pauldron (and tied with Bloodmoon's Nordic Mail, which is Heavy class, for best value for any pauldron of any class), including with all official expansions and plugins. The left one only has 3 enchantment points, which is still the best for Medium-class armor.

Partial Sets of Adamantium Armor
Adamantium Boots
Adamantium Cuirass
  • Old Mournhold: Temple Sewers West (on a ledge in the same room as the boots)
Adamantium Helm
Adamantium Left Bracer and Adamantium Right Bracer

Custom Armor[edit]

Bols Indalen in the Craftsman's Hall in the Godsreach district will offer to make you some custom armor providing that you supply the adequate amounts of Adamantium Ore and the fee. He'll supply you with a complete list of what items he can make and for how much ore and gold. Once you give him the ore and the gold, come back in 24 game hours to receive your armor.

To obtain the full twenty pieces of ore needed to have Indalen create the greaves and pauldrons you can't find on your own, it is necessary to save before entering cells with the ore in them, so that you can reload if the ore is not found in any of its container rocks. (In practice, this means saving before opening any Old Mournhold doors, unless you look up the specific ore locations; in the room with 10 rocks, it means reloading many times – there's a 40% chance of no ore, per rock).

Item Ores Fee
Adamantium Cuirass 10 Adamantium Ore 6000 gold
Adamantium Left Pauldron 7 Adamantium Ore 500 gold
Adamantium Right Pauldron 7 Adamantium Ore 500 gold
Adamantium Left Bracer 4 Adamantium Ore 600 gold
Adamantium Right Bracer 4 Adamantium Ore 600 gold
Adamantium Greaves 6 Adamantium Ore 6000 gold
Adamantium Boots 3 Adamantium Ore 4200 gold
Adamantium Helm 4 Adamantium Ore 3000 gold