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Manor District
# of Zones 4
Rats, Assassins
Console Location Code(s)
"Old Mournhold: Manor District"
"Old Mournhold: Moril Manor, Courtyard"
"Old Mournhold: Moril Manor, East Building"
"Old Mournhold: Moril Manor, North Building"
Old Mournhold, None
Old Mournhold, Manor District

The Manor District is a cavern system in Old Mournhold, Main Sewers.

Accessed through an Old Wooden Door from the Bazaar Sewers, the Manor District contains Moril Manor, Courtyard and the East and North Building. The area is rumored to hold the base of the Dark Brotherhood.

Moril Manor, East Building[edit]

Filled with various Dark Brotherhood assassins and rats, it has a few ingredients, seven crates with steel armor, clutter, torches, and random clothing. You can find two bedrolls behind an Old Metal Door and a hammock behind another door to the south.

Moril Manor, North Building[edit]

Up a ramp in the center, you'll find the Old Metal Door entrance to the North Building. Again filled with various Dark Brotherhood assassins and rats, an Old Metal Door to the north reveals the leader, Dandras Vules, near three bedrolls.

Moril Manor, Courtyard[edit]

This is a dead end, guarded by more assassins. There is an adamantium helm at the bottom of a pool at the end of the northern passage above the entryway. There is also an adamantium axe at the very top of the rocks in the eastern chamber, near the caved-in mine. This was evidently the scene of a suicide caused by unrequited love. A note can be found on a high ledge near the waterfall to the east, surrounded by three pieces of adamantium armor (boots and two bracers) and some expensive clothing. Where the waterfall comes off the high aqueduct is a small stack of gold, near a broken bucket. In the water below lies a skeleton and a small chest filled with gold.

Related Quests[edit]

Main Quest[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Faction Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location
Dandras Vules Male Dunmer Assassin Dark Brotherhood Dark Brother(Dark Brother) 55 402 200 0 90 Old Mournhold: Moril Manor, North Building


  • The Alteration skill book Sithis is found on a ledge in the main cavern, across the door to the East Building. It is guarded by two assassins.
  • The assassins respawn, the rats don't.


Map of the Manor District
Map of Moril Manor Courtyard

Map of Moril Manor East Building
Map of Moril Manor North Building