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This template adds a small icon in-line with text (compare Game Shortcut Templates), and is used to indicate something that can only be accessed through purchase of a DLC in ESO.


*Imperial City{{ESO DLC|Imperial City}}
*Orsinium{{ESO DLC|Orsinium}}
*Thieves Guild{{ESO DLC|Thieves Guild}}
*Dark Brotherhood{{ESO DLC|Dark Brotherhood}}
*Clockwork City{{ESO DLC|Clockwork City}}
*Murkmire{{ESO DLC|Murkmire}}
*Dragonhold{{ESO DLC|Dragonhold}}
*Dungeon{{ESO DLC|Harrowstorm}}
*Nothing{{ESO DLC}}
  • Imperial CityImperial City
  • OrsiniumOrsinium
  • Thieves GuildThieves Guild
  • Dark BrotherhoodDark Brotherhood
  • Clockwork CityClockwork City
  • MurkmireMurkmire
  • DragonholdDragonhold
  • DungeonHarrowstorm
  • NothingDLC