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(RefID: xx00521D)
Added by Hearthfire
Home City Morthal
Location Highmoon Hall
Race Nord Gender Male
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Class Sorcerer
RefID xx00521D BaseID xx00521B
Other Information
Health 175-508
Magicka 180-313
Stamina 130-264
Primary Skills One-handed, Heavy Armor, Alteration, Destruction, Restoration
Perks Augmented Frost (rank 1); Recovery (rank 1); Regeneration; Hack and Slash (rank 1); Fighting Stance; Custom Fit
Class Details BYOHHousecarlHjaalmarchClass
Morality Any Crime Aggression Aggressive
Protected Yes
Marry Yes Follower Yes
StewardHF Yes
Voice Type MaleNord
Faction(s) BYOHHousecarlFaction; BYOHHousecarlHjaalmarchCrimeFaction; CurrentFollowerFaction; PlayerFaction; PlayerHousecarlFaction; PotentialFollowerFaction; PotentialMarriageFaction

Valdimar is a Nord sorcerer found in Highmoon Hall in Morthal. He becomes your personal housecarl when you have earned the title of Thane in Hjaalmarch.

Valdimar wears scaled armor with matching boots and bracers, and he wields a steel mace. He knows the Alteration spells Oakflesh and Stoneflesh, the Destruction spell Ice Spike, and the Restoration spells Close Wounds, Healing, Lesser Ward, and Turn Undead.


  • Although his default gear is governed by the Light Armor skill and he has a Light Armor skill perk, his class makes him more proficient in Heavy Armor. Similarly, he's carrying a steel mace while having a perk for axes instead, although you can just switch his weapon, unlike his outfit.
  • He is the only housecarl whose default armor is not made of steel.


  • When hired as a steward, Valdimar will attempt to travel to Lakeview Manor instead of Windstad Manor as expected due to an incorrect destination marker in his package. If Windstad Manor has not yet been purchased, he will venture off to Helgen instead.
  • Even when not hired as a steward, he may still sometimes appear in Lakeview Manor if you wait or sleep there.