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Gogh (RefID: FExxx9E6)
Location Gromm's Pass
Species Goblin Soul
Level 6 Type Monsters
RefID FExxx9E6 BaseID FExxx815
Other Information
Health 116 Magicka 2017
Stamina 117
Primary Skills One-handed, Two-handed, Destruction, Restoration
Perks Extra Damage 2; Sneak Pet; Critical Hit
Essential Yes
Follower Yes
Gogh in combat alongside his storm atronach summon

Gogh is a goblin hunter from Cyrodiil and an apparent champion of Hircine who has been sentenced to death for discovering the truth about his tribe's new leader, the supposed Blue God, posing as an aspect of Malacath through the use of blue dye. He can be found inside Gromm's Pass where he is battling for his life in a fighting pit. If the Blue God is slain and Gogh is freed from the pit, Gogh can be recruited as a follower.

His appearance can be altered through dialogue, and he wields the Spear of Bitter Mercy, a Daedric artifact which summons a storm atronach. The spear cannot be taken from him, and is only usable if equipped via console commands. The armor options available are: no armor; leather or iron armor; and/or leather, iron, or skull helmet. These options are purely aesthetic and do not affect Gogh's stats.

Gogh cannot be ordered to stay at one of your houses. Instead, he will return to the throne area within Gromm's Pass when he leaves your service as a follower.

Related Quests[edit]


You can ask Gogh various questions, but will be unable to understand him as he will only respond with snorting and grunts.

When you first meet him:

Are you all right?
Did you kill all these goblins?
I take it you realized that orc wasn't a god.
Wait, why am I talking to a goblin?
Do you think you'd want to follow me?
You can handle yourself in a fight. I could use someone like you.
You seem friendly, but so does a bear until it's chewing your face off.
I've always wanted a goblin for a friend. What do you say?
All right then, let's go.

After recruiting him:

I want to talk about your spear.
Where did you find it?
Can I try it out?
Does it have any special abilities?
Does your spear have a name?
I don't understand.
This is a waste of time.
I'm not sure why I expected an actual answer.
That's interesting. Well, good talk.
I wonder if they teach goblin at the Bard's College.

If you asked if you could try out the spear, you can respond with:

I'm guessing that's a "No."



  • Gogh functions similarly to the Riekling Warrior follower.
  • He is the only goblin that uses a weapon.
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