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Felldir the Old
(RefID: 000CDA05)
(lore page)
Location Hall of Valor, Sovngarde
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 30 Class Warrior
RefID 000CDA05 BaseID 00044237
Other Information
Health 388 Magicka 50
Stamina 147
Primary Skills Heavy Armor, One-handed, Archery, Block
Class Details CombatWarrior1H
Morality No Crime Aggression Aggressive
Essential Yes
Voice Type Unique
Faction(s) FavorExcludedFaction; MQAncientHeroFaction; WIAdditem03ExclusionFaction
Felldir ready to do battle

Felldir the Old, a Nord warrior, is an ancient hero currently residing in the Hall of Valor in Sovngarde. He was one of the warriors, along with Gormlaith Golden-Hilt and Hakon One-Eye, who fought against Alduin, ultimately sending him forward through time using an Elder Scroll. He was also the architect of their plan to do so.

He and his compatriots later assist you in the final battle against Alduin in Sovngarde. Upon returning to Tamriel, you can summon his spirit using the first two words of the Call of Valor shout.

He wears Greybeard's robes with a pair of Greybeard's boots and is armed with an ancient Nord greatsword. He knows the following shouts: Fire Breath, Ice Form, Become Ethereal, Dismay, Disarm, Unrelenting Force, though when summoned with Call of Valor, he will only use Unrelenting Force and Frost Breath in combat.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Alduin's Bane[edit]

At a certain point, Felldir the Old will emerge from behind you and join the conversation:

Hakon: (To Felldir) "Why does Alduin hang back? We've staked everything on this plan of yours, old man."
Felldir: "He will come. He cannot ignore our defiance. And why should he fear us, even now?"
Gormlaith: "We've bloodied him well. Four of his kin have fallen to my blade alone this day."
Felldir: "But none have yet stood against Alduin himself. Galthor, Sorri, Birkir..."
Gormlaith: "They did not have Dragonrend. Once we bring him down, I promise I will have his head."
Felldir: "You do not understand. Alduin cannot be slain like a lesser dragon. He is beyond our strength. Which is why I brought the Elder Scroll."

Felldir will then pull out the ancient Elder Scroll, much to the surprise of Hakon:

Hakon: "Felldir! We agreed not to use it!"
Felldir: "I never agreed. And if you are right, I will not need it."
Hakon: "No. We will deal with Alduin ourselves, here and now."
Gormlaith: "We shall see soon enough. Alduin approaches!"
Hakon: "So be it."

When the three Nords proceed to attack the World-Eater, Alduin will pick up Gormlaith between his teeth and fling her to the right, killing her:

Hakon: "No, damn you! It's no use! Use the Scroll, Felldir! Now!"
Felldir: "Hold, Alduin on the Wing! Sister Hawk, grant us your sacred breath to make this contract heard! Begone, World-Eater! By words with older bones than your own we break your perch on this age and send you out! You are banished! Alduin, we shout you out from all our endings unto the last!"
Alduin: "Faal Kel...?! Nikriinne..."

A surprised Alduin will futilely breathe fire at Felldir before disappearing into the flow of time, to an unknown era. Felldir, however, knows that the defeat was only temporary:

Felldir: "You are banished!"
Hakon: "It worked... you did it..."
Felldir: "Yes, the World-Eater is gone... may the spirits have mercy on our souls."


In the Hall of Valor:

I need your help to defeat Alduin.
"Alduin escaped us long ago. Today we take our well-tempered revenge. For a hundred lifetimes my heart has burned for revenge on Alduin too long delayed."

After speaking to Ysgramor:

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt: "At long last! Alduin's doom is now ours to seal - just speak the word and with high hearths we'll hasten forth to smite the worm wherever he lurks."
Felldir: "Hold, comrades - let us counsel take before battle is blindly joined. Alduin's mist is more than a snare - its shadowy gloom is his shield and cloak. But with four Voices joined, our valor combined, we can blast the mist and bring him to battle."
Hakon: "Felldir speaks wisdom - the World-Eater, coward, fears you, Dragonborn. We must drive away his mist, Shouting together, and then unsheathe our blades in desperate battle with our black-winged foe."
Gormlaith Golden-Hilt: "To battle, my friends! The fields will echo with the clamor of war, our wills undaunted."


After you cross the whalebone bridge:

Felldir: "We cannot fight the foe in this mist!"
Gormlaith: "Clear Skies - combine our Shouts!"

After shouting:

Alduin: "Ven Mul Riik!"
Gormlaith: "Again!"
Felldir: "We can shatter his power if we Shout together!"

After shouting again:

Alduin: "Ven Mul Riik!"
Hakon: "Does his strength have no end? Is our struggle in vain?"
Gormlaith: "Stand fast! His strength is failing! Once more, and his might will be broken!"
Felldir: "His power crumbles - do not pause for breath!"

While fighting Alduin he can shout:

"Use Dragonrend, to drag him down!"
"Die, World-Eater, in despair and fear!"
"Today you die, your doom has come."
"You may strike me down, but your doom is near."
"Now ends this tale, my eternity be damned!"

After Alduin is dead:

"Our ancient debt for Alduin's reprieve is now repaid - the long night is ended!"

Summon Dialogue[edit]

When he is summoned he can say:

"I answer the call of the Dragonborn."
"Lead me into battle."

In battle, he can yell:

"Feel the thunder of my voice!"
"You will die for the glory of the Dragonborn!"
"You are not worthy of Sovngarde!"


  • For more information, see the lore page.
  • He is voiced by Paul Eiding.
  • There are actually three different versions of Felldir, which have mostly similar statistics. The summary provides information for the version of Felldir who is first met in Sovngarde. The other two versions are:
    • Felldir that appears during the quest Alduin's Bane: BaseID 000CDA00, RefID 0004423B.
    • Felldir that you can summon: BaseID 000923F9 (a different RefID is assigned each time he is summoned).