Skyrim:Dragon Bridge Overlook

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Dragon Bridge Overlook
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 8
Console Location Code(s)
DragonBridgeOverlookExterior01, DragonBridgeOverlookExterior02
The Reach
Just south of Dragon Bridge, east of Bruca's Leap Redoubt
Dragon Bridge Overlook

Dragon Bridge Overlook is a small Forsworn camp on a cliff overlooking Dragon Bridge.

It can be accessed by following the Karth River upstream (southwest) from Dragon Bridge and then descending upon the camp, or by starting from Bruca's Leap Redoubt and heading east.

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Dragon Bridge Overlook[edit]

The camp consists of two Forsworn tents, one on either side of a campfire. There are sharpened stakes and stretched hides surrounding the camp, along with several plants and flowers in and around the camp that can be harvested for ingredients: thistles; blue, red, and purple mountain flowers; and even the remains of a stump of a huge tree with two patches of mora tapinella fungus growing on it. The camp is home to two Forsworn, one of whom is typically found inside one of the tents, with the other on the cliff edge overlooking the town and road towards Morthal, with a quiver of Forsworn arrows and an iron dagger on top of a piece of wooden boarding at their feet. The first tent contains an unowned hay pile, a pair of Forsworn gauntlets, a bottle of ale, and two deer pelts. The second tent contains a long wooden table with a tactical map of Skyrim, a Forsworn axe, a random potion of magicka, two bottles of ale, an iron dagger, and a leg of goat on it. There is also a novice-locked chest in the tent.