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Although Redguard technically does not have quests, it is useful to split the story into sections for the purposes of a walkthrough. The game instead uses a set of flags that keep track of your progress in various things, and much of it is based on dialogue you have heard so far. These events are often written down in your log.

The story is linear to some degree, with two smaller branches that must be completed to start the final quest. Each of the quests listed below and shown in the chart can only be completed after their prerequisites, minus optional steps. Note that these quest names are simply for descriptive purposes; they do not actually appear in the game.

Main Quests[edit]

Starting Out: Defend against a Restless League attack, meet with Tobias, and explore the town.
The Archmage's Ring: Follow in Kithral's footsteps to locate Archmage Voa and his ring.
Investigate the Ruins: Search for a special gear within the Dwarven Ruins.
Save Hayle's Soul: Help Saban guide her son's soul through the necromancer's snare.*
N'Gasta's Amulet: Obtain a certain amulet and deliver it to Lord Richton.
Escape the Catacombs: Find a way out of the Catacombs.
Contact the League: Find the Restless League and discover Iszara's plan.*
A Legendary Flask: Put together a map to find an ancient flask that absorbs magic.*
Rescue Iszara: Defeat N'Gasta and rescue Iszara from Clavicus Vile.
Recover the Soul Gem: Slay the dragon Nafaalilargus and take back the soul gem.
Raze the Palace: Storm the Palace and kill Lord Richton.

* Part of this quest can be completed before its prerequisite quest. See the walkthrough for details.


This is a list of all scenes in the game. Some are pre-rendered with more advanced animation and can be replayed from the main menu if you have watched them already with your current save. Others play in real time using the game's graphics. Those in bold are pre-rendered.

Act One
Act Two
Act Three