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Clavicus Vile

Clavicus Vile is a Daedric Prince who exists in his own plane of Oblivion, alongside his companion dog. You enter the realm of Clavicus Vile through a portal at the top of N'Gasta's Tower, after defeating N'Gasta.

Vile received Iszara's soul from N'Gasta, one of his servile followers. He will not give it up easily, and says he would like a present first. The only present he will accept is the Flask of Lillandril. However, Vile will claim he never agreed to a trade for the flask; Cyrus must play a game to win back Iszara's soul, wagering his own soul if he loses.

The game involves two doors, only one of which is right. Two guardians stand by the doors; one always tells the truth and the other always lies. You must ask a single question to determine the correct door. If you lose, Cyrus dies and his soul belongs to Clavicus Vile for eternity. If you win, Vile will grant you Iszara's soul and teleport you back to N'Gasta's Tower, where Iszara will wake from her mindless state and hurry back to the League hideout.

Related Quests[edit]



Weapon drawn:

"Go ahead. Play with your sword. It's only a toy here."
"Good exercise, swordsman. Stay fit, stay trim."
"Wo! You handle that like a real expert!"
"Just what did you have in mind with that thing, Cyrus?"

Exploring realm:

"Oh. Yoo-hoo. Over here. I'm over here, Cyrus."
"Don't bother poking about, Cyrus. We're not on a treasure hunt here."
"Disappointed? Haven't found any souls left lying about?"
"Let me know if you find something interesting, Cyrus."
"Feel free to look around, Cyrus. No hurry. Take your time."

Win game:

RG-misc-Log Entry.png Confronted Clavicus Vile and wagered my soul against Iszara's soul in a riddle contest with Vile. Won the riddle contest, and returned to the Necromancer's Tower with Iszara's soul.
"Hmm. Not such a blockhead after all. But I don't think you've seen the last of me, Cyrus. I've got my eye on you...
"...And playing games with Clavicus Vile, Cyrus, is just like breathing...
"...Once you get in the habit, it's kind of hard to stop. Be lucky, Cyrus... Until we meet again."

Lose game:

"Darn! See, Cyrus? If only you'd studied your lessons like the brothers told you... Ah, well. They can't all turn out to be winners...."


First time:

"Well, well. I'm so glad you could come...."

If you have agreed to play his game:

"One lies and one tells the truth! One takes the Cyrus soul; the other gives the sister soul. Don't spend your question on me, Cyrus! Take your time. Hee-hee-hee. We're not going anywhere."

Every other time:

"Clavicus Vile...Give me my sister's soul."
"Don't be so boooring, Cyrus. I deserve some fun. You've spoiled my N'Gasta. Now show me some fun."

Iszara's Soul[edit]

"Hand over her soul, Clavicus, or I'll retire you from the pantheon."
"Oh! Oh! Don't hurt me, pleeeeeze! Wait! Did you think the flask would protect you? Oh, that is excellent!
"Listen, bold hero Cyrus. N'Gasta was much more fun. He was very smart, and very scared of me. But your failing, fearless hero, is that you have no... imagination.
"For example, have you any idea what I am doing with your sister's soul... right... now?"

Leave Her Soul Alone[edit]

(Unlocked by "Iszara's Soul")

"Whatever you're doing, stop it right now."
"Or what, Cyrus? What do you plan to do to me? You can't hurt me, or anything here. Nothing happens here, unless I let it happen."

Threaten Vile[edit]

(Unlocked by "Leave Her Soul Alone")

"Vile. I'm not here to chat. I'm here for my sister. And you're going to give her to me, or I'm going to tear you to pieces."
"You must be a bit thick. Take a little walk and think things over. Come back when you're ready to talk sense."


"So this is what the Daedra lords do in their free time. Trade souls, destroy lives, and loaf in the sun..."
"You poor, poor thing. All our time is free time. It's eternity, man. Don't you think that gets a bit tedious?
"Mostly it's the same thing, over and over, so boring. But you... well, you kill your sister's husband, then let her lose her soul, then...
"...You come here and threaten to beat up the big nasty Daedra lord to get her back... well... it's stupid and silly... but... it's not... boring."


"Nice dog."
"He's not a dog, of course. On sunny days, he likes being a dog. Or lots of other things.
"When he's like this, I think he's somewhere else. It's all quite significant, of course... but who knows what it means."
Dog: (Morphs head to imitate Cyrus)
"Hmmmmmm. Interesting. I think he likes you, Cyrus."

Why Are You Doing This?[edit]

(Unlocked by "Daedra")

"What do you want? Why are you doing this? Just for the fun of it?"
"A follower of my brother, Hermaeus Mora, once said: 'The ultimate purpose of the Daedra lords is to instruct and improve the generally deplorable character of mortals.'
"Lovely sentiment. But, in fact, I watch mortals, and meddle now and then, purely for entertainment.
"N'Gasta, in his time, has been a character of remarkable charm and complexity. But now you have eclipsed N'Gasta... and I have high hopes for you.
"For example. You come all this way to rescue your sister's soul. Why? Yearning for a lost childhood? Pricks of conscience for abandoning your sister? A murderer's guilt?"
"I feel no guilt for killing Iszara's husband, Vile. But running from the consquences [sic]... I'm not proud of that, and I'm not leaving her this time."'
"Yes. That incident is hard to explain, I agree. Poking that scoundrel through the chest, then taking off like a spooked bunny."
"Yes, I left. But Iszara could always take care of herself, I just ran...I...I was young."
"She's not taking care of herself now, is she! Haa. And did you judge she could take care of herself when you presumed to poke a knife through her husband's chest?"
"Vile. I don't care whether you're bored or lonely. This talk isn't getting us anywhere. Just tell me... What do you want?"
"I'm really sorry to lose N'Gasta. He always had presents for me."
"You like presents, eh?"
"Got to have presents. No presents, no fun. Sure wish I had a nice present. Hint, hint!"
Give Flask for Sister's Soul
"I'll give you this priceless flask for my sister's soul."
(Gives flask to Clavicus Vile)
"Oh, Cyrus. A present? For me? You shouldn't have...! But thank you. It's a unique addition to my justly-famed collection of enchanted artifacts."
"All right. You've got the flask. Give me my sister."
"Cyrus. I didn't offer to make a trade. You gave me a present. I'm happy with my present, feeling generous. So... let's speak in earnest of your sister's soul."
Give Gold for Sister's Soul
"I'll give you a fortune in gold."
"You haven't got a fortune in gold, Cyrus, and gold is just metal. Not interested."
Give Blood for Sister's Soul
"I'll give my blood for my sister's soul."
"Hmm. Blood is nice... But your blood is not worth a soul, Cyrus."
Give Nothing and Take Sister's Soul Anyway
"No presents for you, sonny. I want my sister's soul, and I'm taking it."
"You're bluffing, bold, boring Cyrus. You can't take anything from me, and you know it. Either I give it to you, or you don't get it. Simple? And I don't give gifts when I'm bored."
What Do You Want?
(Unlocked by "Give Flask for Sister's Soul")
"For the last time, Vile... What... do... you... want?"
"Don't spoil the fun, Cyrus! You're supposed to figure it out! But here's a hint. I've got what you want! So...?"
Trade My Soul for Sister's Soul
"I have no present for you, Vile. But I do have something to trade... My soul."
"Cyrus. I appreciate your making this grand gesture here. I admit I prize your sister's soul... quite a bit.
"But your soul is an unproven commodity... Valuable, yes... But not an even swap. And I was thinking of sport... not commerce."
Wager My Soul Against Sister's Soul
"You're bored, Vile? Then let's play a game for my sister's soul... And to cover the wager, I'll offer my soul."
"Hmm. Very noble, Cyrus... But do you know anything about the worth of a soul? For example, all the fun I'm having with your sister's soul... right... now.... I'd hate to give that up."
"Your name is well-chosen, Vile. But I know the worth of my soul, and I'm ready to wager it against my sister's soul."
"Are you sure? You know, that thing I'm doing with your sister's soul... right... now... I would love to do that little thing with your soul, too..."
Not Scared and Ready
"You can't scare me, little man. I said I'd bet my soul, and my word is my bond."
"Pity. Even a dumb animal can understand fear, but you... Cyrus.... Sad. However... a poor game is better than none. Let's play, then, for your sister's soul.
"But before we start, there's a couple things we need to get straight.
"Your soul's not worth a penny unless you know its value. N'Gasta knew a soul's value, but you do not. So I have to explain it to you.
"First: you think you lose, you die, and that's the end. It's not.
"You lose?... You live, and your soul is mine. Just like your sister. And it goes on for a very long time. Understand?"
Scared but Ready
"Fine, Vile. I am scared... of losing my own soul, and my sister's soul... But I haven't much choice, have I? Let's get it over with."
"Excellent! I was right! Not all heroes are witless cretins! I am most pleased to accept your soul as stakes in a game for your sister's soul."
"But before we start, there's a couple things we need to get straight.
"Your soul's not worth a penny unless you know its value. N'Gasta knew a soul's value, but you do not. So I have to explain it to you.
"First: you think you lose, you die, and that's the end. It's not.
"You lose, you live, and your soul is mine. Just like your sister. And it goes on for a very long time. Understand?"
Either option followed by:
"I understand, Vile. Let's just get on with it."
"And last: when your soul is mine, your will may defy me, but you do what I want.
"You're here of your free will, so let me demonstrate.... I'd like you to apologize for being so rude, and to humbly beg my forgiveness."
"Lord Vile, I apologize for being so rude, and I..."
"Come, on, Cyrus. Don't fight it."
"...Humbly beg your forgiveness."
"Very good, Cyrus. Perhaps a little weak on sincerity, but... practice makes perfect."
"Ulll... Lord... *Vile*! I... *apologize* for being so rude, and I..."
"Come, on, Cyrus. Don't fight it."
"...Humbly beg your forgiveness."
"Think nothing of it, Cyrus. Hee-hee. There. That was excellent. Now won't it be fun if you lose your soul? Practice makes perfect, and you'll have plenty of time to practice."
Either option followed by:
Ready for Riddle
"And now that I have your complete attention... you're ready for your test. But, before we start... Cyrus. Did you have a classical education?"
"You're talking to yourself, Vile. I'm ready. Let's go."
"Gooood. Gooood. Just checking. Just that a thinking man, a well-educated man might have an unfair advantage in this test. But no! You're a hero... a man of action, right?
"So you probably won't recognize this old chestnut, taken straight from Paulus's 'The Stars on Their Shoulders.' Ready? Listen carefully! I won't repeat it!
"Two doors. One leads to the loss of your soul, the other leads to the return of Iszara's.
"Two guardians. One always lies, one always tells the truth.
"You can ask one of them just one question. Just one. The game begins...choose wisely... Hee hee!"

Unused Dialogue[edit]

He has even more responses to you having a weapon drawn, though these imply that Vile changed your sabre into something else:

"Very original. I don't believe I've ever seen one of those used like a weapon."
"Don't look now, Cyrus, but I think someone has switched weapons on you."
"Very dashing! But... perhaps... wouldn't a sword be a more usual tool for such work?"


  • He is voiced by Todd Howard, who was the Project Leader for the game and is also credited for world art, design, and writing.