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(lore page)
Location Catacombs
Race Dragon
Gender Male
Faction(s) Empire
Nafaalilargus guarding the soul gem

Nafaalilargus is a red dragon serving the Empire as a mercenary. He was instrumental in the defeat of Prince A'tor at the Battle of Stros M'Kai, his greatest feat being the fiery destruction of A'tor's flagship. After the battle, he was rewarded with many dead soldiers to feast upon. The dragon now occupies Richton's treasure vaults in the Catacombs, and uses a large door north of the Palace to enter and exit.

When you meet Nafaalilargus in the treasury, the door you came in through shuts, and he begins speaking. The dragon is unwilling to give up the soul gem, so Cyrus engages him in combat. Your sabre has no effect until heating it in the brazier nearby. His attacks are quite dangerous and cause 20 damage, but he sometimes has trouble hitting you.

Related Quests[edit]


Conversation with Nafaalilargus
The dragon introduces himself, and tells Cyrus he is not a pet but a proud soldier. Cyrus asks for the soul gem, even offering to bargain, and although Nafaalilargus goes along with the idea, Cyrus realizes it is futile and prepares to fight.

Combat Taunts[edit]

Hurt by opponent Hit opponent Miscellaneous Unused
"Not bad Redguard!"
"You are crafty. But you are no match!"
"Now you know what it means to face me!"
"Learn the fate of your people!"
"Where are you!"
"Rethinking your plan, Redguard?"