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Wyress Ursus
Location Bloodscent Pass, March of Sacrifices
Race Breton Gender Female
Health Normal1031441Veteran1722094 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Glenmoril Wyrd
Wyress Ursus
Wyress Ursus' bear aspect

Wyress Ursus is a Breton wyress who hunts alongside her sisters, Rangifer and Strigidae, in the Bloodscent Pass. She and her sisters serve as the first bosses encountered in the March of Sacrifices. She wields a mace and shield and is surrounded by a green aura. She represents Hrokkibeg, the Mighty Bear.

Related Quests[edit]

  • The Great Hunt: Conquer the March of Sacrifices and emerge victorious in the Great Hunt.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Deep Slash
Sword and Shield ability.
Quick Strike
Basic physical attack.
Power Bash
This attack can one-shot anyone that isn't the Tank. And even then it needs to be blocked to survive it.
Shield Charge
Will charge at a player and knock them down.
Bear's Endurance
Standing in the green circle around her (?).

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Idling before battle:

Wyress Ursus: "Hopefully you put up more of a fight than those Wood Elves."
Wyress Ursus: "This is turning out to be quite the eventful hunt!"
Wyress Ursus: "I'll hunt every last one of you down!"

Group wipe:

Wyress Ursus: "Perhaps next time Lord Hircine will give us foes worth bragging about."
Wyress Ursus: "It's always disappointing when the prey barely fights back."
Wyress Ursus: "It seems you were nothing against a bear's might!"

After she is killed:

Wyress Ursus: "Stay strong, sisters! My spirit is with you."
Wyress Ursus: "The spirit of the bear lives on."
Wyress Ursus: "Even in death, I can still fight."

When she is the last to be defeated:

Wyress Ursus: "We failed, sisters …. But we shall hunt again."


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