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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Travel to the Drowned Coast city of Woodhearth.
Zone: Greenshade
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Quest Giver: The Wilderqueen
Location(s): Woodhearth
Prerequisite Quest: Throne of the Wilderking
Next Quest: Veil of Illusion
Reward: Very Low Leveled Gold
Before losing Aranias' memories, the Wilderqueen told me that she knew about the Veiled Heritance plot to steal the Staff of Magnus. She suggested I go to the city of Woodhearth.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Use the portal.
  2. Go to Woodhearth.
  3. Talk to Yanaril.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After Aranias accepts a new mantle as the Wilderqueen, she'll tell you where to look for the Staff of Magnus:

"I know why you originally came here—to ask for the Wilderking's allegiance to the Aldmeri Dominion—to know the Valenwood was on your side.
Would you still make such a request to me now?"
Yes. Queen Ayrenn sent me to ask your allegiance on her behalf.
"And I freely give it. On behalf of myself and the Valenwood, you have our allegiance. I only hope Ayrenn realizes her best ally stands before me now.
Before Aranias' memories fade though, there is something else I must tell you."
What is it?
"It's the Veiled Heritance. As you may know, they stole the Staff of Magnus. I know not where they've taken it, but you should search in Woodhearth, to the west.
I will open a portal to the western gate of Greenheart. Goodbye, my friend."
Thank you. I'll go to Woodhearth.
"Go to Woodhearth. Trouble stirs from our common enemy."

The portal doesn't take you directly to Woodhearth; you'll be dropped onto the path just north of Greenheart. Once you get to Woodhearth, talk to Yanaril:

"I can't believe it. He was right again. When will I learn not to wager my gold against Razum-dar's instincts?
He said you would be coming this way. Is it true then? Did you persuade the Wilderking to swear loyalty to Queen Ayrenn?"
Yes … though it's the Wilderqueen now.
"The Wilderqueen, eh? Times are changing in Valenwood, aren't they?
All this has put the Dominion in a delicate position. I suppose that's why it's so important that we're here."

This will conclude the quest, but Yanaril has more information for you:

"Razum-dar sent me here to await your arrival. He wants you to join him as quickly as possible.
It seems Vicereeve Pelidil came this way after stealing the Staff of Magnus."
Why did Pelidil come here?
"Who can be certain? I suspect he merely seeks to find a ship and flee back to the Summerset Isles. Perhaps he is determined to see Prince Naemon's body laid to rest there?
Razum-dar has his own suspicions though, and he seemed quite concerned."
What does Razum-dar think?
"He was unwilling to share his suspicions with me. Whatever his instincts may be though, this time, I will wager that he's on the mark.
Undoubtedly, Razum-dar intends to share his thoughts with you. You'll find him in the Thalmor Headquarters."
Very well. I'll go look for Razum-dar.

If spoken to again, he'll say that "Razum-dar was quite adamant that he wanted to see you as soon as possible.

I would prefer not to delay you any longer."

Quest Stages[edit]

Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Before losing Aranias' memories, the Wilderqueen told me that she knew about the Veiled Heritance plot to steal the Staff of Magnus. She suggested I go to the city of Woodhearth.

I should travel to Woodhearth and investigate to see if there's been any Veiled Heritance activity there.

Objective: Go to Woodhearth
I found a Dominion soldier at the entrance to Woodhearth. I should speak to him to find out if there's been any Veiled Heritance activity here.
Objective: Talk to Yanaril