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Home City Vulkhel Guard
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner

Valiano is an Altmer commoner and businessman currently found in Vulkhel Guard.


He can be overheard having a conversation with Angren, about trade deals:

Valiano: "So what do your people value? I'm thinking of seeking trading partners in Vulkwasten."
Angren: "Well. Don't bother with booze. Most Bosmer don't imbibe. Meat. They always need more meat."
Valiano: "I sunk some coin into a farm a few years back. I'll have to speak with my man in Greenwater."

Angren: "The quality of the steel from Mathiisen is excellent. Have you seen the blades they're making up there?"
Valiano: "Oh yes. I've got an in with the foreman. Getting some for a great price."
Angren: "Bah. Damn you tallies and your nepotism. I need a stepstool to get a fair deal around here."

Angren: "The price you're asking is outrageous."
Valiano: "Don't want to pay? That's fine, I'm sure I can find someone who'll meet my price over in Skywatch."
Angren: "The Green take you. I won't have those upland upstarts outselling me. Your price is met."