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Home City Vulkhel Guard
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner

Angren is a Bosmer commoner who can be found in Vulkhel Guard. She appears to be in the business of selling weaponry.


She can be overheard having several conversations with the Valiano.

Valiano: "So what do your people value? I'm thinking of seeking trading partners in Vulkwasten."
Angren: "Well. Don't bother with booze. Most Bosmer don't imbibe. Meat. They always need more meat."
Valiano: "I sunk some coin into a farm a few years back. I'll have to speak with my man in Greenwater."

Angren: "The quality of the steel from Mathiisen is excellent. Have you seen the blades they're making up there?"
Valiano: "Oh yes. I've got an in with the foreman. Getting some for a great price."
Angren: "Bah. Damn you tallies and your nepotism. I need a stepstool to get a fair deal around here."

Angren: "The price you're asking is outrageous."
Valiano: "Don't want to pay? That's fine, I'm sure I can find someone who'll meet my price over in Skywatch."
Angren: "The Green take you. I won't have those upland upstarts outselling me. Your price is met."