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Rescue a Marine's daughter from the Veiled Heritance.
Zone: Auridon
Objective: Quendeluun — Rescue Palith from the ruins of Quendeluun.
Quest Giver: Rolancano
Location(s): Quendeluun
Reward: Patriot's Mace
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 4326
The Veiled Choice
I met a mer named Rolancano near the ruin known as Quendeluun. He claims the Veiled Heritance took his daughter. He tracked them to the site.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Palith.
  2. Find Eranamo.
  3. Recover the intelligence.
  4. Talk to Rolancano.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

At the Quendeluun Wayshrine, there is a dead Veiled Heritance agent in front of an old man leaning against the wayshrine. He appears to be in some pain, but will stand up to talk to you:

"Please, you have to help me. They've got my daughter. My Palith!"
What happened? Who has your daughter?
"The Veiled Heritance. I tracked her here. Managed to take out this sentry before he could raise the alarm.
But—damn it! I'm an old man now. My sword arm is useless."
Let me help. Where is she?
"Auri-El protect you. Before he died, this bastard told me she's held in some ruins.
Take this note and this elixir of invisibility. The note holds everything I learned from this scum. The elixir's for Palith."
I'll look for Palith. Just rest.
"Find her—as quick as you can."

After you speak with him, you will immediately receive the Invisibility Elixir and Palith Note. You also have the option of asking him some additional questions. Whether you further question him or not, head north into a small cave, which is inhabited by the Veiled Heritance. The cave exits into a valley inhabited by both the Ebonheart Pact and the Veiled Heritance. Near the exit is an Argonian named Delves-Deeply who starts the quest Preventative Measure. Travel northeast to enter the South Ruins. Palith is behind a gate in the western-most chamber of the ruins, guarded by a few members of the Veiled Heritance. After you dispatch them, press the switch on the to enter the chamber, and release Palith:

"Get out of here. I won't say another word, so you'd just be wasting your breath."
I'm not with the Heritance. Your father sent me.
"My father? Thank the Stars! I'm tired of being a bargaining chip."
A bargaining chip?
"They captured me to manipulate my brother, Eranamo. They had him do a job and then shoved him into a room in the ruins to the north.
Your father gave me this invisibility elixir. He wants you to make your way—
"That's my father! Always thinking.
But I can't … I can't leave without Eranamo."
You said the ruins to the north, right? I'll go find him while you get out of here.

Palith then takes the Invisibility Elixir from your inventory and leaves. Be careful when exiting the chamber, as the Veiled Heritance members on guard may have respawned.

Travel north again to reach the North Ruins, which are also guarded by the Ebonheart Pact. This ruin is noticeably smaller, and from the entrance you can see Eranamo sitting on a cot. He will stand up and walk towards you, seemingly well.

"Ah, good! I'm famished. Let's see … I'd like a breast of pheasant, some wine, and a wheel of cheese."
I'm not here to bring you food. Palith sent me to find you.
"Ugh. My sister. It's her fault we're in this mess.
The Heritance just wanted some information. No problem! But they insisted on taking Palith as insurance, to make sure I'd behave."
You're in league with the Heritance and the Pact?
"Oh, hush. I didn't know they were in league with the Pact. And now you're here meddling too. Fine.
My escape won't be enough. I gave them some detailed military intelligence. Will you help me retrieve it?"
You committed treason. And now you want me to help you clean up your mess?
"Do you want that information in the hands of the Pact? No? I didn't think so.
I managed to hide one of their uniforms in my cot. Grab it. Then we can slip past the soldiers and retrieve the information. Simple!"
All right. I'll get the uniform.

Eranamo then gets dressed in Pact armor and heads outside. Find the Quendeluun Veiled Heritance Disguise and put it on. Also in this room is a letter to Egranor from Aranias, which is of little consequence until later quests for the Dominion.

When you leave the room, Eranamo will tell you that only The Centurion will recognize you. The ship is east of the North Ruins, and the pier leading to it is patrolled by Pact Sentries, who will see through your disguise. Swim adjacent to the pier if you wish to avoid combat. At the gangway to the ship, there will be two Pact members discussing Earran and Rela, who are high-ranking members of the forces at Quendeluun. At this point, you can ask Eranamo about them:

What do you know about Rela and Earran?
"Rela leads the Pact here. From some place called Mournhold. Sent by those freaky god-people on the Tribunal, or so I hear it."
And Earran?
"One of the Heritance council's top men. I guess he got in good with the Veiled Queen somehow, to get this job."

Enter the ship, which is called The Tribunal's Spear, and get the information, which is guarded by Earran and Rela. Take the Military Deployment Across Auridon, and leave the ship. After you exit it, Eranamo will ask you to speak with him:

"Right. Now we can go find my sister."
Nervous about seeing Palith?
"Hah, no. She still worships me. Appreciates me. Not like my old man.
If father were here, he'd lash my hide."
Actually, he is here. He sent me in here with the plan to save Palith.
"Father. Here? Oh. So he's waiting outside the cave, then?"
Yes, just outside on the road.
"Right. Right. On the road. Um, would you mind if I hang back a few after we get out of here?
You should go ahead. Tell him how helpful I was. Before I walk up."
Whatever you say.

Return to Rolancano, who is still at the wayshrine:

"My daughter is found! And my no-good son as well, from what I hear."
Eranamo gave this to the Pact, but he helped me get it back.
"What? He … my son is a traitor? He gave deployment plans to the Heritance? And the Pact?"
In his defense, he didn't want to just leave. He—
"Did he tell you my wife—his mother—was murdered by the Veiled Heritance? That he's put all of Auridon in danger? More wives and mothers and daughters, just so he can feel important? Like a big man?"
He should be right behind me.

Eranamo will run up to you, and Rolancano will shout at him before drawing his sword and threatening to kill him. Palith will ask you to "do something", but Rolancano isn't willing to be deterred:

"This is now official First Auridon Marine business. Your help is no longer required."
Are you sure you want to do this?
"I have to. This is justice. He's a traitor to the crown. To his family."
And the only possible sentence is death?
"He's a traitor to the crown. He's committed treason, murder, and theft. How do I justify that? Even as his father?
It's my duty."
Forget duty. He's your son. [Eranamo lives]
"No, I have to. I must—my son. My own son! How can I kill my own flesh and blood?"
He's a traitor to the alliance and the Queen. He deserves death. [Eranamo dies]
"I never thought I'd live to see the day. I've failed. I've failed as a father and as a soldier."

If you convince Rolancano to spare Eranamo, he will disown Eranamo and banish him from Auridon. Palith will try to protest, but Rolancano will tell her that Eranamo is no longer her brother.

Speak to Rolancano one final time:

"Could it be I made the wrong choice?"
You did the right thing.
"A hundred years with the Marines and never before have I failed in my duty. Until today.
I know myself, though. I would have come to regret killing Eranamo. Thank you."

If you convince Rolancano that Eranamo deserves death, he says that it's his duty as a First Auridon Marine to carry out the punishment for Eranamo's crimes—treason and murder—and that the sentence is death. He asks if Eranamo has any last words, to which Eranamo accuses his father of ingratitude and is horrified at how he can treat his own son this way. Palith tries to intervene and Eranamo begs Rolancano to listen to her lest he regrets this later. Undeterred, Rolancano prays the Eight may grant his son mercy yet he cannot, and executes his son.

Speak to Rolancano one final time:

"Could it be I made the wrong decision?"
It had to be done.
"At least he was slain by the sword of his father. In private, rather than in public by a hooded executioner.
Cold comfort. Thank you."


  • The description of the disguise states it is a disguise of the Ebonheart Pact invaders while the armor is rather in the style of the Veiled Heritance.
  • While picking up the disguise is a mandatory objective, equipping it is not needed to complete the quest.


  • If you are killed while fighting the Centurion and Eranamo dies before you fully resurrect, he will disappear from the area. After successfully defeating the Centurion, he will not appear at the next quest marker when you're prompted to speak to him.
    • Standing near the quest marker and re-logging will force him to reappear.
  • When Eranamo points out Rela and Earran, there is no sound or visual cue to reflect this near or on the boat. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Veiled Choice
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to find Rolancano's daughter, Palith. She should be somewhere in the ruins beyond the nearby cave.
Objective: Enter the South Ruins
Now that I've entered the south ruins, I should look for Rolancano's daughter, Palith.
Objective: Find Palith
Palith informed me her brother is here, as well. She asked me to find him. She said he was taken to another set of ruins to the north.
Objective: Enter the North Ruins
I entered the north ruins. I should find Eranamo, Palith's brother, and speak to him.
Objective: Find Eranamo
Eranamo has hidden a disguise in his cot. I can use it to slip past the Pact and Heritance guards. I should take the disguise and put it on.
Objective: Take the Disguise
Eranamo gave me a uniform to help slip past the guards outside. We need to get tot he Pact ship, enter it, and find the information he gave his allies.
Objective: Enter the Ship's Lower Deck
Optional Step: Ask Eranamo About Earran and Rela
Now that we've entered the lower deck of the Tribunal's Spear, we can recover the information.
Objective: Recover the Dominion Information
Our work here is done. We need to get out of the ship.
Objective: Leave the Ship
Eranamo asked to speak with me. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Eranamo
Eranamo asked me to deliver the information to Rolancano. I'll need to leave through the cave on the southwest side of the cove to get to him.
Objective: Talk to Rolancano Outside of Quendeluun
I should watch as Rolancano and his son reunite.
Objective: Witness the Reunion
Rolancano wasn't happy to see his son and threatened his life. His daughter asked me to intervene.
Objective: Talk to Rolancano
I spoke to Rolancano and convinced him to spare his son's life. OR words for when his son is executed
Objective: Witness Eranamo's Sentencing
Finishes quest☑ Now that Eranamo is gone. I should speak to Rolancano. OR Now that Eranamo is dead, I should speak to Rolancano.
Objective: Talk to Rolancano
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