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(lore page)
Location Bramblebreach, Silatar, Greenheart
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Witch of Silatar
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance

Aranias is a young High Elf woman and a new addition to the Veiled Heritance. Once known as the Rock Witch of Silatar, she has been manipulated into joining the Heritance and is one of their most valuable assets. She was assigned a guardian, Andur, who accompanies her throughout her travels in Greenshade.

Aranias is able to shape the land into any form she wishes. She once lifted an entire ship out of the ocean, which frightened her parents into asking the Veiled Heritance for help. They left her alone on Silatar for a long time, and she grew lonely. When her parents returned from Summerset, they brought with them the leaders of the Veiled Heritance. The leaders evaluated Aranias' powers when High Kinlady Estre forced her to kill a Bosmer woman. In The Witch of Silatar, it is revealed that Andur captured the woman and her husband, whom he killed personally.

During the quest Throne of the Wilderking, Aranias leaves the Veiled Heritance and realizes her full destiny as the Wilderqueen.

She is the daughter of Indrathel and Lorimil.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Frighten the Fearsome[edit]

As you approach the Treethane's Chambers for the fist time, you'll nearly be run over by Aranias fleeing from the building:

Aranias : "I didn't think I was being disrespectful."
Aranias : "Sometimes, people are just impossible to understand."

If you speak to her while she's running, she'll apologize:

"Whoops! I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. I almost ran right into you. I guess I'm a little distracted. Anyhow, I hope you'll forgive me."
Is everything all right?
"Yes, it's just that treethane. It's not my place to say, but I wonder if she isn't just a few leaves shy of a full tree.
I mean…I came to speak to her in the spirit of scholarly study, but she treated me as a child! She said "run along now.""
Why would she do that?
"I have no idea. I've never done anything to offend her. I've never even met her!
I should be going though. Someone's waiting on me, and he can get a little impatient."

She'll then disappear among the villagers.

After getting direction from Treethane Niriel to deal with the Wood Orcs, you'll find Aranias just outside the village, with Andur:

Aranias : "Can you believe that Treethane?"

She will introduce herself:

"Was the treethane as rude to you as she was to me? All I asked was how one might get an audience with the Wilderking, but the way she reacted, you would have thought I was trying to slaughter her children.
Did she treat you any differently?"
She asked me to help drive the Wood Orcs away.
"She did? That's funny … because Andur and I offered to drive the Orcs away and she turned us down!
I don't know. I'm beginning to suspect this is some elaborate Bosmer trick, and the whole village is laughing at us when we're not looking."
You don't think the Wilderking exists?
"I didn't say that. There is definitely a distinctive magical force in this part of Valenwood.
But I fail to understand by what logic the treethane decides who gets an audience with the Wilderking and who gets turned away."
Why do you seek an audience with the Wilderking?
"Oh! I'm Aranias. Maybe you read my book, "Spriggans in the Green: Story and Myth in Primitive Bosmer Society"? Probably not, I guess.
Anyhow, Andur and I came in a scholarly pursuit, to see if this Wilderking is really as powerful as they say."
So what will you do now?
"We'll just have to venture deeper into the forest on our own. We'll probably get lost and suffer a slow and painful death, but that's the risk we have to take.
If you're going after the Wood Orcs though, I know something that might make it easier."
What do you suggest?
"If you want, you can take the essence from the Kollopi Tree and rub it all over your body to cloak yourself in a haze of forest moths. The Wood Orcs won't even see you."
Thank you.

If you continue to talk to her, she'll tell you more about the Wilderking, her past, and Andur:

"Oh! One more thing—Andur scouted out the Orcs' Camp pretty extensively. He might have some useful observations if you ask.
Good luck with the Wood Orcs … and that tricky treethane. Maybe we'll meet again when we find the Wilderking."
What do you know about the Wilderking?
"There seem to be a lot more rumors than any real facts.
Some say he's a man. Others say he's a spirit, an embodiment of the forest. What I find most fascinating though is the rumor that he actually shapes the entire forest. That's just incredible!"
Where are you originally from?
"Me? I was born and raised in the Summerset Isles, on a rather small island known as Silatar. It's a pretty secluded place.
Growing up there was what first sparked my interest in studying nature magic, but … well, it was very lonely."
Is Andur actually a scholar as well? / Is Andur really a scholar too?
"Ha! Of course not. He's mainly here acting as my guardian.
They warned us that this place was dangerous, and if the Wilderking is really as unpredictable as people say … well, never hurts to be prepared."

Audience with the Wilderking[edit]

When you activate the petition stone again, and you'll see a vision of Aranias kneeling before three Veiled Heritance members:

Ondendil: "We have much need of someone like you, Aranias."
Andur: "Yes, young one. We have a problem in the Valenwood that will require your talents specifically."
Aranias: "I—I would be honored to help however I can."
Andur: "An opportunity has arisen to strike a devastating blow to the Dominion, to divide the Bosmer."
Ondendil: "The Bosmer in Greenshade claim allegiance not to King Camoran, but to a man they call "The Wilderking"."
Andur: "Killing this Wilderking will drive the Bosmer mad. He is very elusive though, so I will need your help to find him."
High Kinlady Estre: "You realize we are entrusting you with an important task, I hope, my dear."
Aranias: "Of course, Lady Estre. You can count on me."

The Witch of Silatar[edit]

Spinner Maruin will insert you into his story about Aranias and on the island of Silatar. Find Aranias just outside the house, where she is standing:

"I'm so glad you could come! My parents will be back tonight, and I was afraid I'd have to face them alone again."
I don't know what's going on.
"That's why I asked you to come early. I'm not sure what will happen either. Before they get back, I want to be carefree. We can visit some of our favorite places together."
Do you remember me?
"Why wouldn't I? We practically grew up together. You're the only one I can trust these days."
You don't remember anything about Bramblebreach?
"Bramblebreach? You know my parents have never let me leave Silatar after they saw what I can do. I've missed so much.…
What happened at Bramblebreach?"
Your mother and father are gone?/It's not important right now. Why'd your parents leave you here?
"They were afraid, like everyone else. After I raised up the land under the sea and smashed that ship … even though nobody got hurt they said my magic was too dangerous. You're the only one who isn't afraid of me.
You're … not afraid, right?"
Of course not.
"You don't know what that means to me. Now, what will we do first? I know. Let's race to the lighthouse, like we did when we were little. Bet you still can't catch me!"

Run towards the lighthouse, but be aware that Aranias has a few tricks up her sleeve—she'll periodically ensnare you in vines, yelling one of:

  • "Watch your step!"
  • "Don't trip!"
  • "Oops! Are my vines getting in your way?"

Once you reach the lighthouse, speak to the winner:

"Not bad. You're pretty fast."
Did you just bind up my legs with vines?
"Maybe. You know I've always had a special connection to the land. Sometimes things happen, and I don't even think about it. It just happens."
It's cheating.
"I'm sorry. It just happened.
Wait. Something's wrong. Can you feel that? The land's in pain, burning hot. Look! The farm's burning!"
Where's the farm?
"Over the rise. Wait. Too many footsteps, and it's too early for my parents' return. Boots. Boots ….
There are invaders on Silatar. We have to stop them!"

The farm is on the southeast segment of the island. If you speak to her during the attack, she'll only say:

"They can't do this! We've got to get rid of them!"

It's filled with bandits, led by Baham. Once you kill her, Aranias will proclaim:

Aranias: "That'll show them. No one attacks my island!"

Speak to Aranias:

"What have they done to my farm? Why would they do this? Animals!"
Where did they come from?
"Does it matter? I'm tired of this! Everyone wants to hurt me or use me, and it stops now!
Where were you when my parents 'tested' me? Where were you when I needed you most? You left me. Why are you even here? Do you want something from me too?"
I only want to help you.
"I'm … I'm sorry. After my parents left, I felt so alone. I couldn't find you. People kept coming. They'd attack, hound me, want me to show them what I can do. Like I was a circus animal, or some kind of pet!
I shouldn't take it out on you."
I didn't realize how upset you were.
"No, it's not your fault. Thanks to you, these bastards didn't get very far. They could have destroyed everything!
It's getting late. We need to clean up before my parents return. Meet me at the manor later."

After speaking to Maruin, he will teleport again, to small island in a river on Silatar where a blue portal stands in front of you. Approach the portal, and listen to Indrathel, Lorimil, and Aranias have a conversation:

Indrathel: "Why are your clothes all wet?"
Aranias: "Mother! What do you think of this tree? How about the island you're standing on?"
Indrathel: "The ground is soaked. I will need new shoes now."
Aranias: "I made it!"
Indrathel: "What? You made the ground soggy?"
Aranias: "The island. I made this little island!"
Lorimil: "What? Ara, what do you mean you made it?"
Aranias: "These trees, those rocks, none of this was here yesterday. The ground is wet because I used my magic to pull it up from under the water."
Indrathel: "Oh, Ara. What have you done?"

Speak to Maruin's image and he'll send you to the lighthouse. Travel to the lighthouse, enter it, climb the ladder to the upper level and walk towards another blue portal. Aranias and her parents will be overlooking a shipwreck, and they are harshly chastising her:

Aranias: "I'm sorry!"
Indrathel: "You're lucky they're alive! How many more ships will you sink?"
Aranias: "It was an accident."
Indrathel: "Accidents are spilling water. Dropping glass. You lifted a ship out of the ocean with a wall of rock!"
Aranias: "I didn't mean to. I'm sorry."
Lorimil: "Your mother and I will discuss your punishment. Go!"

All three will then fade away, and you will have to seek the next story. It's in the Manor, so enter it and approach the third blue portal:

Indrathel: "Your father and I leave for Summerset in the morning."
Aranias: "I won't do it again, I promise. I'll try harder. Don't leave me behind."
Indrathel: "Don't grovel. It's unbecoming. Your father and I will return with help to control your temper."
Aranias: "How much more can I apologize? I said I'm sorry."
Lorimil: "No, Ara. It's just … you need training. What you did to the ship, that scares people."
Aranias: "What sort of training, Father?"
Aranias at the party

After changing into your party clothes and going outside behind the manor, you'll find Aranias:

"You look good. How do you feel?"
Fine. How's the party?/Well, at least there's a party for you now. It's a good sign.
"There are so many people. And look, it's High Kinlady Estre! Why's she here?
I bet my parents want me to show off my powers. I thought they were bringing me a teacher or something."
You sound hesitant.
"Hesitant? I hate this! And they've got something particular they want to see.
Would you do me a favor and find out? Mingle among them. Eavesdrop. Find out what they've planned for me."
And when you know what's planned …?
"I'm not sure yet. They'll probably want another statue raised from the ground. My parents treat that like a party trick, and this is a party after all.
But the way they're talking, it sounds more dangerous and I'm a bit worried, to be honest."
I'm curious. How do you control the land?/I've often wondered myself how exactly you control the land.
"You asked me this before, silly. I don't know, but when I think about changing things around me, my thoughts come true.
Remember when that merchant ship sank? I'd lifted the ground out of the ocean. I just forgot to lower it again."

Speaking to her again before eavesdropping on the guests:

"I wonder if they will notice if I wrap this tree around myself and hide."

After listening to the guests, you'll witness Aranias giving a demonstration of her powers (encouraged by Estre) by ensnaring a Bosmer, Maelin, in vines. Speak to Aranias:

"This is my test. If I can take the life of this girl, it means that I'm willing to make the necessary sacrifices."
This is not a necessary sacrifice. This is murder.
"What about the Bosmer who attacked my island? What were they? Dominion ambassadors? A peace mission?"
Those were bandits. This woman did nothing to you.
"If I refuse to kill this Bosmer, then what? I'll be alone again. The 'Rock Witch of Silatar,' a monster for fairy tales."
You're not alone. I'm here.
"You're here with me now, but what about later?
No. No, that's not it. I must trust myself. Believe I can do what's right. I don't need anyone, you or the Veiled Heritance, to guide me."
What will you do now?
"I am stronger than this. I won't murder an innocent to prove I can, no matter who demands it. The Veiled Heritance won't control my destiny, I will.
I can do this. And I shall."

She then cries out:

Aranias: "No, I won't do it!"

She proceeds to trap the Heritance members in vines instead, ending the tale.

Throne of the Wilderking[edit]

When you ascend the ramp you'll exit onto the Throne Plateau, upon which you'll hear Aranias defy Andur:

Aranias: "I won't let you kill him, Andur!"
Andur: "Get out of my way, girl. I have no patience for this!"

Keep following the path, until you find an injured Aranias near the mouth of a tunnel filled with fire.

"It's you …? From Silatar? My … my friend. Thank the Eight! You were right about the Veiled Heritance. I'm sure now.
They used me as bait to trick the Wilderking, and now Andur's going to kill him. I can't let that happen. I have to stop Andur."
How do you intend to do that?
"I don't know, but somehow, it seems like that's what I was meant to do all along. When he burned the forest, I actually felt its pain. I think I'm … connected to this place.
I can't fight Andur though—he's too strong. Will you help me?"
Of course. Where is Andur now?
"He's gone ahead. I can travel through the roots to catch up, but you will have to fight your way through.
This might help. Use this bundle of roots and you can burrow for short distances. It will at least get you past Andur's fires."
All right. Let's go then.

She'll immediately vanish into the ground, saying:

Aranias: "I will protect the Wilderking as long as I can, but you must hurry."

She will be shielding the weakened Wilderking from Andur's assault. Once Andur is dead, Aranias will greet you curtly with instructions:

Aranias: "Quickly. The Wilderking is weak. I must get him to the tower. You should come too."

She'll take them both to the nearby Throne Tower, and you will follow. Climb the ladder, and you will find Aranias on the northeast balcony:

"I'm scared. Shouldn't I be feeling confident? I mean, we defeated Andur.
Look at all of this though! I've worked my magic on small pieces of land in the Summerset Isles … but this is an entire forest … a living forest. Tell me I can do this."
You can do this.
"I think he was once a man too, once, the Wilderking. I mean, he was like us. But when he took this on, he became something else. I think he merged with the Valenwood and forgot his previous self entirely."

(if A Tangled Knot is completed)

Yes. His name was Ostion. He was an Altmer mage.
"And he doesn't even remember that! The same will happen to me. If I accept this responsibility and become Wilderqueen, I'll forget my home, my youth … everything."

(if A Tangled Knot is not completed)

Does that change anything?
"Well yes. It means that once I accept this responsibility and become Wilderqueen, I'll forget my previous life, my home, my youth …everything."
From what I witnessed, those weren't exactly glorious memories.
"No, but they are my memories, and some of them fond. The ones with you. They seem only partially real, but they're the memories I'll miss most.
I have to let go though. The way I embrace you in my heart, that's how I must embrace the Valenwood."
Are you ready to become the Wilderqueen then?
"Yes, but I need your help. You must climb the tower further and place the Wilderking's crown in the gardens there.
Then you must wait for me. Promise you'll wait."
I promise.

Speak to her again before climbing to the top level:

"Go on. We need to do this before I lose my nerve."

Climb the ladder to the top level, and place the crown in the garden there. As you do, there will be a bright flash of light and Aranias, now the Wilderqueen, will appear beside you:

"Everything is so … very different. It's like I'm no longer a single physical form, but my being is spread out across the forest.
Aranias is slipping away. You are my friend though, whoever I become. Will you stay for just a moment?"
I'm right here.
"I am prepared to lose my memories, but I don't want to lose the lessons I've learned.
You helped me understand the difference between a foe and a friend. I'm determined not to forget that, nor to forget you."

(lore page)
Location Greenheart
Race High Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Aranias as the new Wilderqueen

To Woodhearth[edit]

She'll then show some of her new knowledge:

"I know why you originally came here—to ask for the Wilderking's allegiance to the Aldmeri Dominion—to know the Valenwood was on your side.
Would you still make such a request to me now?"
Yes. Queen Ayrenn sent me to ask your allegiance on her behalf.
"And I freely give it. On behalf of myself and the Valenwood, you have our allegiance. I only hope Ayrenn realizes her best ally stands before me now.
Before Aranias' memories fade though, there is something else I must tell you."
What is it?
"It's the Veiled Heritance. As you may know, they stole the Staff of Magnus. I know not where they've taken it, but you should search in Woodhearth, to the west.
I will open a portal to the western gate of Greenheart. Goodbye, my friend."
Thank you. I'll go to Woodhearth.

Speaking to her again before you go into the portal:

"Go to Woodhearth. Trouble stirs from our common enemy."

After the quest if you return to her:

"Though the memories of Aranias fade, you are—and forever will be—a friend to the Valenwood…and a friend to me."