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Location Quendeluun
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Veiled Choice
Faction(s) Veiled Heritance

Eranamo is a High Elf and the son of Rolancano. He is held captive by the Veiled Heritance in the ruins of Quendeluun. It is revealed shortly after meeting him that he is in fact allied with the Veiled Heritance.

Related Quests[edit]


As you enter the ruins where he resides, he'll call"

Eranamo: "Yes? Who's there?" Talking to him, he'll say:

Speaking to him:

"Ah, good! I'm famished. Let's see, I'd like a breast of pheasant. Some wine, and a wheel of cheese."
I'm not here to take your food order. Palith sent me to find you.
"Ugh. My sister. It's her fault we're in this mess.
The Heritance just wanted some information, no problem. But they insisted on taking Palith as insurance, to make sure I'd behave."
You're in league with the Heritance and the Pact?
"Oh hush. I didn't know they were in league with the Pact. And now you're here meddling too. Fine.
My escape won't be enough. I gave them some detailed military intelligence. Will you help me retrieve it."
You committed treason. And now you want me to help you clean up your mess?
"Do you want that information in the hands of the Pact? No? Didn't think so. They stored some of their uniforms down here, and I managed to hide one in my cot. Grab it.
Then we slip past the soldiers and retrieve the information. Simple!"
All right. I'll get the uniform.

When you exit the conversation, he says:

Eranamo: "Meet you outside then."
Eranamo in disguise

After getting the uniform, you will need to meet him aboard the ship. Heading outside, he will say:

Eranamo: "None of these soldiers should recognize us."
Eranamo: "If we see the Centurion…he's another story."

You can talk to him before approaching it:

"We need to find that ship. Post haste!"

When you board the ship, he'll speak aloud:

Centurion Earran: "Come. We have much to discuss."
Eranamo: "That was Earran. With the leader of the Pact force, Rela."

Speaking to him before going inside the ship:

"Excellent work. Let's get below."

You have the option to speak with him while on board of the ship.

What do you know about Captain Rela and Centurion Earran?
"Rela leads the Pact here. From someplace called Mournhold. Sent by those freaky god-people on the Tribunal, or so I hear it."
And Earran?
"One of the Heritance council's top men. I guess he got in good with the Veiled Queen somehow, to get this job."

After speaking to him about the individuals:

"I hope the notes are still there!"

When you're inside the ship:

"Nice, nice. Now we just need to find those notes."

Once you retrieve the notes, he will want to leave.

Eranamo: "Let's get out of here."

Speaking to him before exiting the ship:

"Go, go! Let's get out of here."

After defeating Rela and Earran and taking back the intelligence, he will ask to speak to you again:

Eranamo: "I need a moment, hold on. Will you speak with me?"

Hearing him out:

"Right, now we can go find my sister."
Nervous about seeing Palith?
"Hah, no. She still worships me. Appreciates me. Not like my old man.
If father were here. he'd lash my hide."
Actually, he is here. He sent me in here with the plan to save Palith.
"Father. Here? Oh. So he's waiting outside the cave, then?"
Yes, just outside on the road.
"Right. Right. On the road. Um, would you mind if I hang back a few after we get out of here?
You should go ahead. Tell him how helpful I was. Before I walk up."
Whatever you say.

Speaking to him again before heading back to Rolancano:

"I never want to see this place again."

When you return to Rolancano and Palith, Eranamo will wish to wait.

Eranamo: "I'll just wait here. I'll be along shortly. After I'm certain you've spoken to him."

You can then witness the family reunion:

Palith: "Look father, it's Eranamo!"
Rolancano: "You! I told you I'd kill you if I ever saw your face again!"
Eranamo: "No, father, don't get upset! Please, I … I never meant to hurt anyone!"
Rolancano: "You deserve no forgiveness. Lorkhan take you!"
Palith: "Father, no!"
<She turns to you.>
Palith: "Please, do something!"

If you talk to Eranamo, he'll also beg you,

"Please talk some sense into my father. Haven't I made up for my crimes?"

You can then decide his fate while talking to Rolancano. If you convince Rolancano to spare him, he will be disowned and forced to leave Auridon forever.

Rolancano: "Eranamo, what you've done is unforgivable."
Rolancano: "Fine. Your life is yours. My last act as your father is to spare you. Now leave! Flee Auridon. And never come back."
Rolancano: "If I ever see you again, your life is forfeit."
Eranamo: "Yes, father. I understand. I-"
Rolancano: "Not another word! Go!"
Palith: "Eranamo!"
Rolancano: "Palith, that man is no longer your brother."
Rolancano: "Let him go."

Should you suggest he dies, he is sentenced to death:

Rolancano: "Eranamo, I am a First Auridon Marine. It's my duty to carry out the punishment for your crimes. Treason and murder, the sentence is death. Do you have anything to say?"
Eranamo: "Ungrateful. How can you treat your own son this way?"
Palith: "Father, no! Don't do it!"
Eranamo: "Yes, listen to Palith! You'll regret this!"
Rolancano: "The Eight may grant you mercy. I cannot."