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Discover who planted dreugh eggs in Dreughside.
Zone: Stormhaven
Objective: Dreughside — Stop the dreugh and discover why they invaded Dreughside.
Quest Giver: Arcady Charnis
Location(s): Dreughside
Prerequisite Quest: They Dragged Him Away
Reward: Baron Sorick's Pauldrons
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 1527
Arcady Charnis believes someone ordered men to plant dreugh eggs in the Dreughside neigborhood [sic] to cause the dreugh to attack.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Arcady Charnis.
  2. Search the Dead Man-at-Arms.
  3. Search the Dreughside Barracks House.
  4. Confront Baron Sorick in Arbogasque's Home.
  5. Decide the Baron Sorick's fate.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Finding Evidence[edit]

Speak to Arcady Charnis by the statue of Saint Stentis.

"When I find out who did this to me—to us—I'll kill him."
Who do you suspect was behind this?
"I'm not sure, but that dead man-at-arms there was one of them. I saw them bringing dreugh eggs into town from the pools!
But they saw me, too. That's how I ended up here."
What about the dead man?
"He tagged along behind the dreugh to make sure they disposed of me. I guess he just got too close.
Serves him right, the rat."
I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Search the nearby body of the dead man-at-arms to find a note:

Slick Thomic,
You're my man with the lightest foot. Tonight, steal as many dreugh eggs as you can from their nests at the pools, and bring them back to the barracks house in Dreughside.

Suspicious letter in hand, return to Dreughside to seek corroboration. The barracks house is located directly south from Adiel Charnis's home. Go upstairs, and search the suspicious sack resting on a chair by Caldelnalin. Inside is another note:

Orders for Tonight:
Thomic will be bringing in some eggs from the dreugh nests. Have the men take a few each and spread them around Dreughside. And quietly, mind!
If anyone sees you, throw them to the dreugh. And burn this letter after reading it—don't get any ideas about holding on to it to blackmail me later.
I'll be upstairs in Arbogasque's house. The swine owes me rent.
—Baron Sorick

Confronting the Baron[edit]

According to the letter, the person behind the dreugh attack is Baron Sorick, the noble charged with Dreughside's care! Additionally, the baron can be found in Arbogasque's house, which is located east of the barracks house. Go upstairs, and confront with the baron.

"What's this? Another guttersnipe here to whine about the dreugh?"
I have your note ordering your men to plant the eggs in Dreughside. It proves you're to blame.
"Pfui. I'll just say you wrote it yourself.
It's my word against yours, and I'm a Breton nobleman. Don't waste my time."
There's supporting evidence: Arcady Charnis saw your men placing the eggs. Worried yet?

At this point, Sorick comes clean:

"I admit that might be enought to be ... inconvenient.
Both Dreughside and the hatching pools are in my fief. Both are infested with pests. I just came up with a brilliant way to have them exterminate each other. What of it, lowborn?"

You now have to choose—will you take Sorick's bribe, or will you expose him? As a third option, you may intimidate the noble.

Maybe nothing. For the right price, I'll keep this just between us.
I think I'll expose your plan, and we'll see how brilliant it is.
[Intimidate] Get those eggs out of Dreughside, or I'll kill you where you stand.

The Baron's Fate[edit]

Bribe Accepted[edit]

"For the right price, I'll keep this just between us."
If you wish, you may accept the baron's bribe, making everyone (but the Dreughsiders, of course) very happy:

"I knew you'd understand. Soon, the dreugh will clear these lowlifes out. Then I'll have my land back.
Here, this ought to cover your trouble. As for Charnis, I'll deal with him."

Exposing the Baron[edit]

"I think I'll expose your plan, and we'll see how brilliant it is."
If you choose to expose Sorick, he will run past you, certain that you'll never be able to catch him. Follow him outside, where you'll find him on the ground, surrounded by Constable Charlic, Padier Renoit, and three Dreughsiders. Evidently, someone broke one of his legs:

"My leg! One of these ruffians broke my leg!"
These people may do worse, now that they know what you did.
"Please, don't leave me here! Have mercy!"

Now that you know that Sorick isn't going anywhere, you need to report his misdeed to Constable Charlic:

"What's all this, then?"
I can explain, constable.
"You'd better. I see a noble here surrounded by an angry mob of commoners.
Now, just between you and me, I think I know what this is about. So what can you tell me that'll clear this all up?"

Again, you're faced with a choice: do you leave Sorick to the hands of the Dreughsiders or turn him in to the guard?

I think you know too. So I say Baron Sorick tripped and these folks are just helping him. All right?
"I suspected Baron Sorick from the start. Come, let's be on our way. Best we don't know too much about what happens next."
Sorick's behind all the trouble here. Better take him into custody before these folks lynch him.
"I suspected Baron Sorick from the Start. Don't worry—he'll pay for his crimes. I'll take it from here."

The Ultimatum[edit]

"Get those eggs out of Dreughside, or I'll kill you where you stand."
If you have the Intimidating Presence passive ability, you may choose to intimidate the baron, and deliver an ultimatum. Sorick is incredulous at first, but ultimately accedes:

"You, kill me? A Lord of Wayrest?
Perhaps you would. You have that look about you. Very well. I'll have my men remove the eggs. Satisfied?"
What about the Dreughsiders? You owe them something.
"What do you want me to say?
I'll give them their land back and compensate them for this ... minor inconvenience. After that, I'm leaving! I refuse to live in the mud. Emeric can find a swineherd to rule his pen of pigs."


Regardless of the ending you choose—including if you take Sorick's bribe—you will receive the same reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Sower Reaps
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should search the corpse for a clue.
Objective: Search Body
I should search the barracks house for proof.
Objective: Search Barracks House
The evidence clearly implicates Baron Sorick. I'll find Sorick on the top floor of Arbogasque's house. If Baron Sorick ordered the eggs brought into the slums, he's responsible for the deaths of all the citizens the dreugh killed.
Objective: Confront Baron Sorick
Sorick admitted he ordered the eggs delivered to the slums. He hates the lower-class citizens with a passion. I could turn him in, but he's offered me money to keep his secret. I'll consider it.
Objective: Decide Baron Sorick's Fate
When I threatened to turn Baron Sorick in, he fled. I may catch up to him downstairs.
Objective: Catch Baron Sorick
I need to decide if Baron Sorick should be left to the mob or turn in to the guard.
Objective: Talk to Constable Charlic
When I threatened to kill Lord Sorick, he relented. He agreed to have his men remove the dreugh eggs from the slums. The attacks will end. I should make sure he leaves the slums forever.
Objective: Talk to Lord Sorick
When Baron Sorick fled, the peasants downstairs caught him. He's at their mercy. I should speak to one of the people at the inn about what Baron Sorick did.
Objective: Talk to Padier Renoit
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