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Baron Sorick
Home Settlement Dreughside
Location Arbogasque's Home
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Baron Sorick

Baron Sorick is a Breton noble in charge of the settlement of Dreughside and can be found on the top floor of Arbogasque's Home. He has little love for the peasants that live on his land.

Related Quests[edit]


Baron Sorick can be first approached during The Sower Reaps.

"What's this? Another guttersnipe here to whine about the dreugh?"
I have you note ordering your men to plant the eggs in Dreughside. It proves you're to blame.
"Pfui. I'll just say you wrote it yourself.
It's my word against yours, and I'm a Breton nobleman. Don't waste my time."
There's supporting evidence: Arcady Charnis saw your men placing the eggs. Worried yet?
"I admit that might be enough to be...inconvenient.
"Both Dreughside and the hatching pools are in my fief. Both are infested with pests. I just came up with a brilliant way to have them exterminate each other. What of it, lowborn?"
Maybe nothing. For the right price, I'll keep this just between us.
"I knew you'd understand. Soon, the dreugh will clear these lowlifes out. Then I'll have my land back.
Here, this ought to cover your trouble. As for Charnis, I'll deal with him."
I think I'll expose your plan, and we'll see how brilliant it is.
The conversation ends and Baron Sorick will run away shouting "You'll never catch me, fool!"
[Intimidate] Get those eggs out of Dreughside, or I'll kill you where you stand.
"You, kill me? A Lord of Wayrest?
Perhaps you would. You have that look about you. Very well. I'll have my men remove the eggs. Satisfied?"
What about the Dreughsiders? You owe them something.
"What do you want me to say?
I'll give them their land back and compensate them for this ... minor inconvenience. After that, I'm leaving! I refuse to live in the mud. Emeric can find a swineherd to rule his pen of pigs."

If Sorick attempted to escape he can be found just outside with an injured leg.

"My leg! One of these ruffians broke my leg!"
These people may do worse, now that they know what you did.
"Please, don't leave me here! Have mercy!"

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