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Arcady Charnis
Home Settlement Dreughside
Location Near Dreugh Waters
Race Breton Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction friendly
Arcady Charnis

Arcady Charnis is a Breton from the town of Dreughside who was captured by Dreugh.

Related Quests[edit]


He can be spoken with once he has been rescued.

"I can breathe again. Thank the Eight, I can breathe!"
Are you hurt? What happened?
"I'm not hurt, but I'd be dead without you. The dreugh were keeping us for food and feeding us to their young!
The little ones would gnaw through the mud doesn't matter now. I'm going to find whoever's responsible for this."

Once They Dragged Him Away has been completed.

"When I find out who did this to me—to us—I'll kill him."
Who do you suspect was behind this?
"I'm not sure, but that dead man-at-arms there was one of them. I saw them bringing dreugh eggs into town from the pools!
But they saw me, too. That's how I ended up here."
What about the dead man?
"He tagged along behind the dreugh to make sure they disposed of me, I guess he just got too close.
Serves him right, the rat."
I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Once The Sower Reaps has been started:

"I can't go home yet. Not until I catch my breath.
You have to find out who's responsible for this. Whoever it is must pay for what he did to us!"

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