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Adiel Charnis
Location Dreughside
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Adiel Charnis

Adiel Charnis is a Breton found in the town of Dreughside. Her husband was one of the citizens taken away by the Dreugh.

Related Quests[edit]


Adiel Charnis:"They took him, they took everyone."

Adiel when she is first spoken to is looking for someone to find her husband.

"They took my husband. He was only trying to defend our homes, but the dreugh took him.
Please, stranger, can you help?"
Slow down. Who took whom?
"The dreugh. They attacked us out of nowhere.
My husband tried to fight back. Those thing wounded him and dragged him off!
Dragged him off? To where?
"To their spawning pools. Arcady might still be alive!"
I'll find him.

After accepting the They Dragged Him Away, Adiel can be asked further questions.

"May the Eight bless you for helping us.
Please, find my Arcady."
What's happened? Start from the beginning.
"The dreugh came clattering into Dreughside, attacking people. It was terrifying!
My husband, Arcady, tried to rally folks to fight back."
Have the Wayrest guards come to help you?
"Sergeant Stegine brought a few guards. he's a good man, but it was four of them against all those dreugh.
Baron Sorick owns this land. We begged for more guards, but he says the dreugh will leave on their own. Doesn't he care?"
Where did the dreugh come from?
"Their hatching pools are nearby—but they've never bothered us before.
"For some reason, the dreugh came into town, looking for troublem and the people fought back. Some were killed, but others were dragged away. It's awful!"

Once her husband is found:

"Thank you again for freeing my husband.
Dreughside's already returning to normal."