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Constable Charlic
Home Settlement Dreughside
Race Breton Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)
Constable Charlic

Constable Charlic is a Breton member of the Dreughside Town Guard, in Wayrest.

Related Quests[edit]


Constable Charlic:"If the Dreugh attack again, we're dead."

When he is first spoken to he is standing on the road to Dreughside and Wayrest.

"We're under attack!"
Calm down. What's going on here?
"Word came in the dreugh were attacking the district of Dreughside.
Sergeant Stegine led us out of Wayrest to investigate. We found dreugh attacking citizens, and citizens fighting back. Madness!
I'll talk to your sergeant.
"Find Sergeant Stegine. He's up the road, in Dreughside.
So many dead."

The Sower Reaps[edit]

Charlic can be found in Dreughside proper, after Baron Sorick has attempted to escape.

"The baron looks hurt. See if he'll you what's going on here."

Once the Baron has been spoken to:

"What's all this, then?"
I can explain, constable
"You'd better. I see a noble here surrounded by an angry mob of commoners.
Now, just between you and me, I think I know what this is about. So what can you tell me that'll clear this up?"
I think you know too. So I say Baron Sorick tripped and these folks are just helping him. All right?
Sorick's behind all the trouble here. Better take him into custody before these folks lynch him.
I suspected Baron Sorick from the start. Don't worry—he'll pay for his crimes. I'll take it from here.

Once The Sower Reaps is completed, Constable Charlic's dialogue changes depending on how Sorick is dealt with.

If Baron Sorick is taken into custody;

"I'll take the Baron back to town with me. The magistrate will know what to do with him."


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