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Greetings! I'm gelza1, and while I've used UESP for a while, I only recently began editing.

Want to get in touch? Leave a note on my talk page!

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User-userbox-User Patroller.jpg This user is a Userspace Patroller.
ON-icon-Morrowind.png This user is trying to keep UESP current with ESO Morrowind data.
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SR-icon-logo.jpg This user plays Skyrim, but is not completely knowledgeable about it.
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About Me[edit]

LO-race-Altmer.png This user is a member of the Altmer race.
OBbsign Mage.jpg This user was born under the sign of The Mage.
OB-Window-Julianos.jpg This user worships Julianos.
ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri.png This user supports the Aldmeri Dominion.
SR-symbol-Solitude.png This user supports the Empire in the Skyrim Civil War.
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My Projects[edit]

In Progress[edit]

  • ON-icon-alliance-Vivec.png The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowindupdating pages for the Morrowind expansion to ESO.
  • ESO Residents Tabletrying to create a new template that works like People Table for ESO, but more user-friendly, and with more parameters for unique situations, such as pluralization.

My Sandboxes[edit]

  • Notepad: A sandbox for general note-taking.
  • Sandbox #1: A sandbox for playing around with formats, layouts, et cetera, for pages about ESO that I'm working on, without breaking UESP in the process.
  • Template Workspace: An edit-restricted sandbox for working on templates; this will generally contain broken/unfinished code that I am in the process of turning into a template.