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This sandbox is for general note-taking.

UESP Notes[edit]

General To-Do[edit]

P A "priority"—a project to focus on
WIP A page tagged with Template:Wip in my name
Item A finished item/completed task
  • P—Fix misspellings for "Description" (search "descrpition") in Achievements
  • P—Watch SR:Brunwulf Free-Winter and SR:Ulfric Stormcloak for edit war between Silencer and Lobsel Vith (until resolution; see Vith's talk page)

ESO MW To-Do[edit]

P A "priority"—a project to focus on
WIP A page tagged with Template:Wip in my name
Item A finished item
  • Vivec City
    • Add data to Shops and Services section
      • Add Caravan
      • WIP—Temple Canton
        Use "What Links Here" to find related pages
        Archcanon's Office (section, no link)
        Hall of Justice
        Library of Vivec
      • Foundation's Bulwark
      • Foundation's Embrace
      • WIP—Foundation's Labor
      • Foundation's Rising
      • Gladiator's Quarters
      • Pilgrim's Approach
      • Pilgrim's Market
    • Add data to Other Places section
      • Vivec's Palace
      • Saint Delyn Penthouse
    • Add residential data
    • Create/add data for daily quest pages
    • Add data for Archcanon Tarvus
    • Add data for Edryno Giryon
  • Add "For Glory" data
  • Get Molag Mar caravaner's name
  • Suran
    • Add Caravan to Services section
    • Add town residents
    • Fix buildings' resident formats
    • Add crafting stations...
      • to town
      • to buildings
  • "The Scarlet Judge"
    • Add quest stages
    • Add (missing) beginning quest stages
  • Add "Nothing to Sneeze At" quest stages
  • Add "An Armiger's Duty" quest stages
  • "To Tel Fyr"
    • Add quest link to Vivec City
  • "A Late Delivery"
  • Add data for Khartag Point
    • Occupants
  • P—Add data for Battlegrounds
  • P—Add data for "To the Victor"
  • Check that all MW quests are listed on Vvardenfell zone page
  • P—Add data for "Like Blood From A Stone"
  • Add data for Vassir-Didanat Mine
  • WIP—Add data for "Bound by Love"
  • Create redirect/disambiguation page for "Hall of Wisdom" (used by Vivec to refer to the area in which the Archcanon's office is located)
  • Add data for player houses
  • P—Add data for "Ashlander Relations"
  • Add data for "The Heart's Desire"
    • Add quest objectives
  • Create Ancestral Tombs
  • P—Check destinations of Suran caravaner
  • Add data for Tel Aruhn

Things to Watch/Work On[edit]

(SQ) Story quest
(sq) Side quest
(pl) Place

Vos Data[edit]

NOTE: Savarak's Personal Guard is a group, not a specific NPC

  • Gathering House
    • Amatkeeus
    • Lauravenya Nerothan
    • Savarak Fels
    • Uthrel Salas
    • Merilar Belvilo
    • Nakra
    • Earyaorne
  • Trading House
    • Dridyn Ledd (Merchant)
    • Lilyamah
  • Storehouse {Advanced}
  • Selvayn's House {Simple}
  • Varo's House {Simple}
  • Savarak's Manse {Trespass}
    • Savarak's Personal Guard(s)
  • Caravaner Tower
    • Adosi Delvi (Caravaner: Vivec City, Molag Mar)
  • Vos Docks
    • Bolnora Remavel (Navigator: Sadrith Mora)
    • Nerandas (only for specific part of "Reclaiming Vos"
  • Menwendel's Nursery
    [Directly east of Tel Mora]
    • Spriggan-Bane
    • Gray-Skies (after arriving to look for Menwendel)
  • Tel Mora
    • Steward Seden
    • Menwendel (when entering for the first time in "Reclaiming Vos" and after returning from saving her)
    • Tel Mora Protector(s)
    • Llayne Sadri
    • Mistress Dratha