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Rescue smugglers and slaves from the Camonna Tong.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Nakhul, outside of Khartag Point
Location(s): Khartag Point
Reward: Chain-Breaker Gauntlets
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
The feared Camonna Tong crime syndicate attacked a group of people smugglers at Khartag Point. Khartag and a group of slaves retreated to a nearby cavern. They'll be killed if help doesn't arrive soon.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Nakhul outside the delve.
  2. Enter Khartag Point and find the slaves and Khartag.
  3. Return to Nakhul to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Outside of Khartag Point you will meet an orc named Nakhul who claims a deal went bad between his boss and the Camonna Tong. He asks you to enter the delve and help his boss and some escaped slaves they were helping to smuggle off of Vvardenfell.
Once you enter the cave take the first right and follow the cave until you see a small alcove to the left with a Dreugh standing over the body of a Mabkir. pick up the letter next to his body and continue following the path.
If you have not yet picked up the skyshard for Khartag Point take the next left where you will find it along with a swarm of hostile mudcrabs.
Continue following the path and you will encounter Old Rust-Eye. after dealing with the boss continue along the path and take a right at a small alcove to find Wih-Waska. Speak with her and continue along the path.
Once you hit the center of the cave head up a slope to the right to come upon Jaree-Eeto being harassed by three Camonna Tong. Deal with his tormentors then speak to him.
Head back to the central chamber and continue right up the slope and through a waterfall where you will have to face leader of the Camonna Tong, Avrusa Duleri, and two of her thugs. After defeating her speak to a wounded Khartag who will explain that he has been stabbed by a poisoned blade. He will ask you to make sure the slave make it to safety before succumbing to the poison.
Jump down the ledge and exit the delve. Speak to Nakhul to complete the quest.


  • Khartag, the escaped slaves and Avrusa Duleri won't exist inside the delve before starting the quest.
  • Jaree-Eeto can be reached and spoken to without killing the gang members threatening him, and he will talk as if you have killed them.
  • Upon returning to Nakhul towards the end of the quest, he will say he heard about Mabkir's death, even if he was the last slave found, with the other two slaves not informed either as a result.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Smuggler's Last Stand
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Latest start I should enter the nearby cavern to search for Khartag and the missing slaves.
Objective: Enter Khartag Point
I entered the cavern at Khartag Point. I must try to find the three slaves Narkhul mentioned, then find Khartag.
Objective: Find Mabkir
Objective: Find Jaree-Eeto
Objective: Find Wih-Waska
Objective: Find Khartag
Finishes quest☑ Khartag succumbed to his wounds and perished in the cavern. I should return to Nakhul and deliver Khartag's final words.
Objective: Talk to Nakhul
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